2023: My Review Of Medium.com

Medium.com is a blogging/social media platform, or a social media blogging platform that writers and just about anyone else can use to publish articles. You’re here because you want to know whether or not Medium is worth using in 2023. You might just be interesting in learning a bit more about the site. Well, I invite you to read my brief review below because you might learn a few things, and you’ll be able to decide whether or not to give writing on Medium a try.

What is Medium: A Social Media Blogging Platform

I class Medium as a social media blogging platform because it allows writers and readers to connect with another. For instance, people who join the platform can follow one another, engage in conversations, as well as clap (like) each other’s work. And of course you can publish articles on the site, which is where the blogging aspect comes into play.

The Money: What Do I Earn

As a writer on , I have earned an average of $20-$50 per month. But there has been occasions with where I have earned around $100 or slightly more. However, it is worth noting that I could potentially earn more if I actually put in more effort, as well as time into using Medium.

On that note, I literally don’t use the site for hours on end. Realistically, I probably (at the time of this writing) spend no more than a half hour on the platform. I publish articles, interact and read articles that catch my eye, and then that’s it.

The Pros Of Medium

Write About Anything

You can write just about anything, from politics to personal stories to business articles and everything in between. Medium.com has allowed writers to feel empowered because they have the freedom to write about virtually anything, including stuff they’re passionate about.

Make Money

Another good thing about the platform is you have the chance to make money. You can earn via the Medium Partner Program. If you’re accepted into the program, then you’ll earn money based on a number of factors, such as “members’ read time”.

No Experience

You can have zero experience writing or blogging, you can still join Medium. Anyone can join and start writing articles today. The site is easy to use, and they offer plenty of resources to help you get on your way.

The Cons Of Medium

Can Take Awhile To Earn

The most significant disadvantage of Medium.com is that it can take a bit of time to start earning money. In order to join the partner program, you need to have at least 100 followers. While this is what I consider to be a low threshold, it can still take a bit of time to reach this number of followers. But then again, some people acquire followers like nothing, so this may or may not be a con for you.

Do I Recommend Writing for Medium in 2023

Yes, I would recommend writing for Medium.com in 2023. The benefits of the platform outweigh the cons, and it is an excellent place for writers and aspiring writers/bloggers to hone their skills and gain exposure. The platform is easy to use, fun to use, and offers the potential to earn money through the Medium Partner Program.

I plan on sticking with Medium.com in 2023. I might actually start using it a bit more because I am liking the platform now more than ever. For the record, I’ve Been with Medium for over a year now.

Final Thoughts: Give Medium.com a Try

The bottom line is Medium is a good place for writers who want to publish articles on virtually any topic, with the potential to earn money. Do you want to have the chance at making money writing for the site and/or do you want to reach a wider audience? If so, then give the site a try because you never know, it could very well be what you’ve been looking for.

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5 Ways To Make Money With Medium.com

How To Join Medium

If you want to join the platform, then you can do so via the link below:



I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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