3 Cheap Stocks On Robinhood (That I Like) For The Month Of January

Disclaimer: I am not a financial investing expert, investing expert or anything like that. I’m also not recommending that you purchase any of the stocks I’m about to discuss. Everything in this article is solely my opinion and should not be taken as advice! Furthermore, I own or have owned these stocks.

With all that said, let’s talk about some of the cheap stocks on Robinhood for the month of January. Some of the cheap stocks I am a fan of and keeping my eye on are:

1. Vital Therapies Inc

Honestly, I don’t even remember how I came across VTL. I know it was a few months ago. Anyways, the stock was worth a few dollars for the longest time (a few years) before dropping below a dollar in September 2018.

One of the reasons VTL went down is because its liver disease treatment ended up not meeting the company’s main goal. That goal was to improve the survival rate of those with liver disease.

2. Synergy Pharmaceuticals

A few weeks ago, Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP) was at around 8 cents per share and at the time of this writing it’s up to 42 cents. In all honesty, I bought this stock when I thought it was on an uptrend and it turned out I got lucky because it seems that it is still moving upwards. Of course, that can change at any given time, as it can with any stocks.

3. InspireMD

Another cheap stock on Robinhood is InspireMD, or NSPR. I bought this stock on Robinhood back in August and September at around 18 cents. Fast forward to January 2019, it is currently at 19 cents. Obviously it’s not a huge increase or anything to get too excited about, but hey one day it might go back up to over a dollar.

Why Did I Purchase Those Particular Stocks

Personally, I bought the above three cheap stocks on Robinhood because. . . well, because they were cheap. Of course I did a little bit of research on them before I made a decision too. Also, at the time it looked like they were on an uptrend on the day I decided to buy them.

What Do I Think About Those Cheap Stocks Now

Personally, I think VTL is going to see huge gains in the future. I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon, but maybe by the end of the year it will hit the dollar mark. It kind of depends on what the company decides to do within the next year.

As for SGYP, it has made decent gains and I think the trend will continue for another good month or so.

InspireMD, I don’t really have any predictions for it. Within the last three months, there haven’t been any huge increases and decreases (in my opinion). It may very well remain stable for the next three months.

Final Thoughts

I’m not really sure if I’ll be buying up more of those stocks. If I do, it’ll most likely be SGYP and VTL. But, I will be keeping an eye on InspireMD throughout the year.
Those were my favorite cheap stocks for the month of January. As previously mentioned, I’m not recommending you buy them or research them or anything like that.

In The News

For anyone that is interested, below are a few links to recent news articles about the three cheap stocks I’m a fan of for the month of January. The links are:

The Ripon Advance (news related to VTL)

Stock News Stop (article related to InspireMD)

Financial Mercury (article related to SGYP)

Remember, only invest what you can afford to lose. Do not invest money into stocks or anything for that matter if you cannot afford to lose cash.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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  1. Hi Nathan,I haven’t bought any stocks all my life. I guess I’m not educated and not sure if it will be profitable for me. One thing that I learned in your post is that when you buy stocks, buy only if you are ready to lose that money.I thought you have to risk buying if you want to earn.Thanks,Marita

  2. I’m a pharmacist by profession so you can guess how much I am fascinated investing in stocks that are related to my field of work. In your article, you mentioned about Synergy Pharmaceuticals, and that got me interested. I have heard about the app you’re using (Robinhood) in one of the blog posts about online investing using mobile apps. Here in our place, we usually buy stocks by going to a broker’s office and buying through a mobile device is something new to me. I’d appreciate it more if you can give me some “further tips” on how someone like me from the Philippines can buy international stocks like Synergy Pharmaceuticals and if it is permitted by my country and your country. Thanks!

  3. Stocks have been around for the longest time. And just like every other investment venture, they can result in loses or profits. 

    Although, I’ve never considered stocks as a protective investment option, I think I should start giving it more attention. 

    I’d like to gather more knowledge on stocks, it’d be nice if you can offer any suggestions on any online platform that can offer detailed and reliable information to me for free. 

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