4 Ways To Get Motivated To Write

Whether you run a blog, want to create an eBook, write for content creation platforms, create ads for clients or your’re a freelance writer who runs their own business, you need to write. It is your cash cow, sort of speaking, but there eventually comes a time when even the best writer needs motivation. It’s easy to lose the motivation to write, but there are a few ways to get motivated.

For the record, I have done all of these things to help me get motivated to write. At some point in time, I’ve done them and felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle some writing. Writing can be fun, but it can be soul destroying and mentally draining; So without further ado, here are a few ways to get motivated to write:

1. Get Motivated To Write By Going Out For A Walk

Yes, doing something as simple as walking can do wonders for your motivation. When you’ve been lacking “get up and go” for writing, then get out for a walk and get on some sort of routine; Such as walking for 30-45 minutes per day or doing two 15-20 minute walks per day. I know it sounds silly to some people that walking will all of a sudden get you motivated to write, but it can!

I recommend doing park walks, block walks or just walks around the city or your town. Just get out and do it. Also, change things up a few times per week, like go walking in different areas.

Another way to use walking to garner motivation to write is to incorporate it directly into your writing routine. For example, challenge yourself to write a full paragraph, then walk for 10 minutes (5 one way, 5 back) and then write another paragraph and walk again; Keep doing that until you complete your article. Alternatively, you can write an article, chapter for your eBook etc. . . and then get out for a walk before tackling another article or chapter.

2. Set A Timer

Some people can get motivated to write by setting a timer. I recommend setting it for 15-20 minutes, write as much as you can and then go and chill out after the 15-20 minutes is up. Of course, you should do a bit of editing and spellchecking after the timer goes off, if need be. Do not edit or spellcheck as you go along; Save that for last.

After you have made your edits, go and relax or run errands or anything for that matter. Then, do the same thing allover again, and do this maybe a total of 2-4 times per day. You might be surprised at how this will motivate you to write or at least get you writing even if you don’t want to.

3. Go And See A Movie

Get out of the house or office once in awhile and see a movie. Don’t just stay at home and watch it. Instead, get out with the public and be among other people by going to an actual movie theater.

You’ll actually have fun watching a movie, even if you go alone and you’ll feel a bit refreshed afterwards. Who knows, you might be in the mood to write afterwards. Getting motivated to write might be as simple as seeing a movie at least once per month or every now and then.

4. Get Motivated To Write By Hiking In The Woods, Mountains Or Nature Areas

If you’re not a fan of park walks or walks I previously discussed, then get out in nature and do some hiking. Whether it’s through the woods, along the river, lake a reservoir or in the mountains; Hiking can clear your mind, foster ideas and help you get motivated to write and to do many other things. Look up an area where you can go hiking at, and if the nearest one is to far, then make a weekend out of it. Rent out a room or campsite and then get your hiking on.

Look, I’m not saying the above things are guaranteed to motivate you to write, but you won’t know unless you give them a try. Most of them are incredibly easy to do and might just work. And that my friends is how to get motivated to write.


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Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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