4 Ways To Get Paid To Write eBooks

There are many ways you can get paid to write eBooks. This article will discuss four different ways to do it. Bear in mind that some of you might not be a fan of these ways, while others might find success if they give them a go. Anyways, you don’t really have anything to lose by giving these ways a try:

1. Use Freelance Platforms

You can join freelance platforms, such as Fiverr, Upwork, People Hour and the list goes on and on. Such sites are filled with potential clients looking for various stuff; This includes eBook writing services. Freelance platforms are extremely competitive for freelancers, so be prepared for that when you join any freelancing platform.

Most freelance platforms do charge some sort of fee or commission. If someone from the platform you use orders an eBook, then the site will take a fee off of you when you get paid.

Consider joining at least 3-4 freelance platforms. This increases your chances of getting paid decent money to write eBooks. The more exposure you have, the better. This is why joining several freelance platforms is a good idea.

2. Browse Craigslist

Although the chances aren’t as high as if you were using freelance sites, you can browse Craigslist. Use the classifies site to see if anybody is looking to have an eBook written up. Besides browsing, you can list your service there. With Craigslist, you can set your own prices and receive payment the way you want to receive it. However, be realistic; The work probably won’t be consistent. But you never know, you could end up finding eBook writing gigs regularly via Craigslist

3. Use Article Writing Services 

Many article writing sites or content creation sites offer eBook services. Based on my personal experiences with such sites, eBook orders don’t regularly come in; That is unless the site focuses mainly on creating eBooks. Nonetheless, if you want to get paid to write eBooks, then joining a few article writing services might be worth it.

A plus side to writing for such sites is that you can write other articles while waiting around for eBook orders to come through. Even if no eBook orders are placed, at least you’ll still have the chance to earn some money writing. Some sites you might want to check out include iWriter and Need An Article to name a few.

4. Market Your Own eBook Writing Service

Why not branch out on your own and market your own eBook writing service? Out of all the ways you can get paid to write eBooks, going down this route might be the best option. Simply throw together an attractive website and then spread the word about your eBook writing service.

If you’re able to, spend a few dollars on advertising on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Spending money might not be an option for you at the moment; If that’s the case, then create a Facebook page and Twitter account for your service and spread the word via posts. Create YouTube videos and share them. These are a few examples of how you can get the word out about your eBook writing service.

Want to get paid to write eBooks? If so, then join a few freelance platforms and consider using Craigslist. Don’t forget about article writing sites and marketing your own eBook writing service.


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