5 Tips To Make As Much As You Can Writing For Hirewriters

Do you currently write for Hirewriters or plan on signing up to be a writer for them? If so, the below tips might help you make as much as you can, and quickly. Those tips are:

1. The Approved & Rejection Rates

When choosing articles to write on Hirewriters, make sure you pay attention to clients’ approval and rejection rates. If their approval rating on articles is 90% or above and they have ordered dozens and dozens of articles on Hirewriters, then consider writing articles for those clients.

On the other hand, if a client’s rejection rate is high, then don’t write for them. There could be many reasons for a high rejection rate, but if your goal is to make as much as you can writing for Hirewriters, then it’s best to stick with clients who have a high approval percentage rating.

2. Don’t Chance It With New Clients

There’s nothing wrong with writing articles for new clients on Hirewriters, but if the name of the game is to make as much money writing as fast and easy as possible, then it’s best to not risk it.

If a client is new or relatively new, you’ll be able to tell by looking at the number of articles they’ve rejected or approved. If it’s zero, then they are probably new. If there are a handful of articles they’ve approved or rejected, they are probably relatively new. The last thing you want to do is take up an article for 1,000 or more words, only for it to be rejected.

3. Claim Two Short Articles At The Same Time

When the queue has 100 or more articles to choose from, then select two at a time. As of this writing, writers on Hirewriters are allowed to do this. Just make sure you go for short articles, preferably 300-400 word articles. You don’t want to choose more than two articles that are all lengthy; otherwise you run the risk of not completing them on time.

If possible, choose articles that are on the same topic. This should make it easier to go from writing one article to the next.

4. Choose Articles With Simple Instructions

When you open up an article’s instructions, read over them. If the instructions are short, sweet and to the point, then that’s great! If it’s extremely long and/or complex, then don’t bother writing it. Also, if the instructions mention how they will reject the article for what seems to be minor reasons, then don’t write it.

5. Word Count

Check the instructions before choosing an article on Hirewriters. All too often you’ll come across articles that say the word count is 300+, and when you open up the instructions the actual word count is much higher than that

The above tips may very well help you make as much money as possible writing for Hirewriters, and quickly. In my opinion, you won’t make thousands per month writing solely for Hirewriters, but you could very well earn a few hundred per month, especially if you keep the above tips in mind. Good luck if you decide to write for Hirewriters and if you implement some of those tips.


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