6 Good Paying Coffee Affiliate Programs You Should Check Out

Are you as coffee lover, aspiring online entrepreneur or an affiliate marketer just looking for something different to promote? Whatever the case is, maybe consider giving one of these coffee affiliate programs a try: 

1. Koa Coffee

One of the best coffee affiliate programs is from Koa, a popular brand of coffee. Koa is sold exclusively online, and they give affiliates the chance to earn between 10-20 percent commissions when they make sales.

2. Bean Box

Bean Box is a coffee-box subscription program. When customers subscribe, they receive roasted Seattle coffee each month. The Bean Box affiliate program pays out 10% commission on each sale you make via your affiliate link. When you become an affiliate, you’ll have access to banners and high quality pictures to help you drive sales. Not only that, but this coffee affiliate program gives you access to upcoming deals, sales and promotions.

3. Prima Coffee

At the time of this writing, the Prima Coffee affiliate program is open to those located in the Unite States. The program pays out once per month, but you have to reach the $25 minimum payout. Currently, the payout method is traditional check; And the affiliate network Prima uses is Affiliatly. One of the best things about Prima is you have an array of products you can promote. This includes coffee, coffee equipment, merchandise and more.

4. Coffee.Org

Coffee.org’s coffee affiliate program offers up to 10% commissions each successful referral. One of the reasons this is a top notch coffee affiliate program is because Coffee.org lets you link to any page, and you can build short-links via your toolbar. You have access to a number of linking tools to use to increase your chances of making sales.

5. Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee’s affiliate program is among the best because they offer competitive commissions, and they are willing to increase commission amounts for those who are able to increase exposure to their products. However, commission increases are possible in special cases. Pact Coffee has a 30 day cookie period. You are not required to hit specific monthly targets, and if you ever have any problems, then you can reach out to the affiliate marketing agency Silverbean, who is the company that Pact Coffee has chosen to work with.

6. Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee has a good coffee affiliate program, too. When you’re an affiliate, you receive a newsletter that tells you about upcoming promotions, sales opportunities and info about upcoming product launches. You get the usual promotional tools too, such as links and banners to use on your website, email campaigns and so forth.


Never promoted affiliate programs? Maybe you’re brand new to affiliate marketing or you just have a little bit of experience with it? Are you curious about how much you can make with the previously discussed coffee affiliate programs? Whatever the case is, I’ll quickly go over how much you can potentially earn, as well as give you tips and advice on building a business with those programs.

How Much Can I Make With Those Coffee Affiliate Programs

How much you can actually make with any of the previously discussed coffee affiliate programs (or any other ones for that matter) depends on several factors. A few of these factors include:

. The size of your social media followers

. How much traffic you get to your website

. Whether or not you’re focusing on solely the coffee niche (and not a website that covers many irrelevant topics)

. How established you are in the coffee niche

. Your chosen marketing methods (content, video, email etc. . .)

I know this is a generic answer, but you could make no money, a little money or plenty of money. However, there are tips that can help you out. I’ll go over them in the next section.

Tips To Build Up A Business That Relies On Coffee Affiliate Programs

. Start A Blog Or Website- Start a blog, and center it around coffee. There are so many different topics and articles you can come up with. You can review coffee brands, write about the latest coffee news, provide tips for making coffee, coffee recipes and the list goes on and on. The more popular your blog becomes, the more people who will likely click your affiliate links.

If blogging isn’t your thing, then start an e-commerce store. The products you promote should be coffee and coffee-related products. Once your e-commerce site is setup, then you can place affiliate links where appropriate.

However, if you have no experience with running an e-commerce store, then I recommend starting a blog focused around coffee. When your blog is ready to go, you can research topics, keywords, content ideas and all that good stuff.

. Build Your Social Media- Build up your Facebook profile, Facebook page, Instagram and another social media site of your choice. As a general rule of thumb, I think it’s best to be using at least three social media sites to promote your business, products, services etc. . . Stick with coffee-related content as you build your social media presence. Growing your social media following may take time, but it’ll be worth it.

Start from scratch. Launch three profiles on three social media platforms of your choice. Always (as previously mentioned) keep your social media content relevant to coffee. As your following grows, you can promote the previously discussed coffee affiliate programs and/or encourage your followers to visit your blog.

. Be Consistent- This is another basic tip, but it is extremely important to be consistent. I’ve seen so many people get excited about starting an online business or in the initial stages of affiliate marketing, only for them to get demotivated and quit. You need to be creating content for your coffee affiliate business (be it for your blog, websites, social media etc. . .) on a regular basis.

Even if you work a full-time job, you have to make yourself work on your online business regularly. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to put in action at least 3-5 days per week, and if that isn’t possible then do it whenever you have downtime; Even if you only have 30 minutes of downtime daily, then do something for your online business.

In this case, you could go on social media and publish a post to your FB page or write a few paragraphs of an article you could eventually post or you could create a quick video reviewing a specific brand of coffee. . . You get the point.

I know the above seems like an oversimplification, but consistency and patience is the best way to build any online business and/or significant presence on social media.


Promoting coffee and coffee related products is a great alternative to starting your own coffee business from scratch. Plus, it’s a good way to get your feet wet before you launch your own coffee business. It doesn’t matter if you want to run a coffee business, are a fan of coffee or you’re an affiliate marketer looking to get into the coffee niche or you’re just starting out in your affiliate marketing career, you’ll want to check out the previously discussed coffee affiliate programs.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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