6 Tech Websites/Blogs That Pay Writers

There are tech blogs that pay you money. I’ve thrown together a short list of technology sites that you might be interested in checking out. If you’re a fan of tech-related stuff, then writing for one of these sites may be for you.

1. TechWalls- If you’re accepted as a writer, TechWalls will pay you $5 for each article that is published. That’s not the only compensation you’ll receive; TechWalls also pays out $4 for every 1,000 unique page-views an article receives. TechWalls categories include reviews, tech news, tech guide and gadget & apps.

2. Plesk- Plesk has a content program, which it describes as a place where everyone can share their knowledge. Plesk mentions how prospective writers don’t have to be professional or a designer or anything like that. They also mention how they will share articles with their users and followers.

If you’re looking for tech blogs that pay, then Plesk might be for you. But do be prepared to create tutorials, guides and tips-style articles on topics like web security, DevOps, the hosting and cloud industry and so on.

As for pay, Plesk claims they pay $50 for a short article, $100 for articles that are longer than 1,000 words or $200 for articles longer than 1,500 words.

3. DigitalOcean- DigitalOcean provides cloud-based products and services. One of the reasons this is one of the top tech blogs that pay is because of their pay rate. According to DigitalOcean, the typical pay for tutorial content is around $300, but some writers might receive a payout of up to $400.

As for the type of content writers create, you’ll be creating tutorials related to software development, DevOps and so on. If you’re looking to write about tech and potentially get paid a few hundred dollars for doing it, then consider writing tech tutorials for DigitalOcean.

4. Alibaba Cloud- Do you have solid technical knowledge and do you know a lot about the cloud? If so, then consider writing for Alibaba Cloud Tech Share. They have an incentive program that rewards writers. The type of content they are looking for are tutorials or best practice articles on Alibaba Cloud services and products. The content has to be both comprehensive and accurate, as well as informative.

Alibaba will pay you via credit or cash. If you choose the cash option, you’ll receive between $200 and $300 per article. After every fifth article you write, you’ll receive an additional $150.

5. Hostinger- Hostinger regularly looks for writers who know a lot about tech stuff. This is another website that looks for writers to write up tutorials. Hostinger says they pay up to $100 per tutorial. Simple tutorials pay $50, while updates made to current tutorials are paid $50.

Do note that as of the time of this writing, Hostinger has a backlog of submissions they are trying to get through.They do mention that you can check back soon, so feel free to check them out regularly. Sooner or later they’ll likely start accepting applications again.

6. SitePoint- Can you create content around topics like HTML, Ruby and UX? How about relatively new tech and mobile development? If so, then consider writing for SitePoint.

The exact amount you’ll be paid for writing articles for SitePoint isn’t specified. However, SitePoint does point out that they pay writers above industry rates.

To sum up the above, some of the tech blogs that pay and the average they pay are: 

 1. Alibaba Cloud: $200-$300 per article

2. DigitalOcean: Around $300 per article

3. Plesk: Between $50 to $200 per article

4. TechWalls: $5 per article/$4 for every 1,000 unique page-views

5. Hostinger: Between $50 and $100 per tutorial

6. SitePoint: Pay not specifically mentioned

Those are a few tech websites and/or blogs that pay writers. Are you a self-proclaimed tech-geek? Do you love writing about tech-related stuff? If so, apply to be a writer for the above blogs and websites. Who knows, you could end up earning a few extra hundred dollars.


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