Can You Make Money Writing Restaurant Reviews

Can you make money writing restaurant reviews? Let’s discuss if you can make money doing this, as well as the potential ways to earn cash writing reviews about restaurants and tips that might help you out. And then you can decide whether or not you should attempt to do this.

Can You Make Money Writing Restaurant Reviews

In theory, yes you can; But can everyone do it? The truth is anybody can whip up reviews, but will everyone make great cash doing it? Obviously no, but you can earn a number of ways. However, be prepared to put in a lot of effort if you are serious about earning cash writing restaurant reviews.

Ways To Earn Writing Reviews About Restaurants

As previously mentioned, there are several ways to earn doing this gig. Not all of them will appeal to you. That being said, a few potential ways to make money writing restaurant reviews are as followed:

. Create A Blog- Set a blog up and center it around restaurant reviews. After you’ve built your blog, start creating reviews about the restaurants you’ve visited. At some point, preferably when you start generating traffic, you can place adverts on your blog. The more traffic you receive to your restaurant review blog, the more earning potential you’ll have.

. YouTube Videos- YouTube videos can be used to generate income from reviews. You can earn via YouTube’s advertising program, once you’ve met the requirements. Just make sure your videos are short, sweet and straight to the point. People love reviews and they love watching videos, so publishing restaurant reviews on YouTube could turn out to be lucrative.

Note: creating YouTube videos is a way to make money with restaurant reviews, not writing them.

. Pitch To Publications- Find publications, either online or offline ones, and pitch them your ideas for reviewing restaurants. Find publications that specialize in the food/dining out niche. If they accept your pitch, then they will pay you. Be sure you know how much you will be paid before you do anything.

. Write For Review Websites- There are sites, such as Review Stream, that you can join and write reviews for. Submit your reviews to such sites and you could earn a little bit of cash.

Do any of the above appeal to you? If so, then give them a try. Who knows, you could end up making some decent cash, but don’t expect to make full-time income; At least not right off the bat and if you do, then that’s great!


Writing restaurant reviews and making money with them is pretty straightforward. However, there are a few tips you’ll want to bear in mind. These tips include:

Keep it real. Don’t just find restaurants by searching online for them and then writing up a review. If you have never been to a particular restaurant, then don’t whip up a review about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a negative, neutral or positive review, simply do not write about it if you’ve never been to it.

Be honest. When you write a review about a restaurant, always be honest about your experience. As time goes by and the more reviews you publish, the more your readers will know they can come to your reviews in order to get an honest opinion about the restaurants they are going to be reading about.

Be patient. Making money writing restaurant reviews probably won’t happen overnight. If you keep at it, eventually you could end up earning something.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy going out to eat and creating reviews, then why not start writing restaurant reviews? Who knows, you might make some decent money doing it.


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Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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