(December 22, 2022) These 3 Companies Are Looking For Remote Writers

There are companies searching for remote writers.

Companies are looking for remote writers

Remote writing jobs are highly sought after. It’s not surprising because more and more people are on the hunt for remote jobs, including writing jobs. Not only that, but people love the idea of being able to work from home or work from virtually anywhere. If you’re looking for companies searching for remote writers in December (2022), then you’ve come to the right place.

This month, there are many companies seeking remote writers. But, we will go over three companies. We’ll cover what kind of writers they want, the pay and all that other good stuff.

Are you ready to become a content writer? Are you currently one and/or are you searching for remote writing jobs? If so, then check out these three companies:

1. Ampifire

Ampifire dubs themselves as a company that helps small businesses become competitive with large companies. They do this by helping them small businesses gain exposure online. One of the ways Ampifire does this is by publishing content on various sites.

The Position: Content Writer

Ampifire is looking for content writers. As a writer, you’ll be writing company announcements for businesses, as well as descriptions of their products/offerings.

The Pay

The job posting doesn’t mention how much they pay. All it says is the majority of their writers make between $800 and $2000 per month on a part-time basis.

The Requirements

They don’t want any hard requirements, but they do want writers who can create content that doesn’t contain grammatical or spelling errors. They also want writers:

. Who can create smooth-flowing and easy to understand content
. Who can switch their writing style between formal and casual
. Who (preferably) has experience creating online content or creating press releases

That’s really it. There’s no mention about needing a degree or a great deal of experience, or anything of that nature.

How To Apply

You can apply at the following link: APPLY HERE

2. SocialPays

SocialPays is looking to fill a remote freelance writing position. According to the post, they are seeking people who can start right away.

The Position: Remote Freelance Writer

As a remote freelance writer for SocialPays, you’ll create content for businesses’ blogs, sites, social media accounts and email lists to name a few. In some cases, you’ll write out replies to comments on Twitter and YouTube.

The Pay

According to the post, SocialPays is paying $25 to $35 per hour. But, do note that this is a freelance position, so the chances are the company is just breaking down what you can earn when you are actually working on content. Freelancers are technically independent contractors, so work isn’t always going to be guaranteed, which also means hours probably aren’t guaranteed.

I could be completely wrong here. But you can still apply and/or ask pay related questions beforehand. If the work is very consistent, then that amount of money per hour isn’t that bad.

The Requirements

The requirements aren’t too stringent. They want you to have access to a laptop or phone, work independently, have basic writing and reading skills, have reliable internet connection and to be able to follow instructions.

How To Apply

You can apply at the following link: APPLY HERE

3. Blueprint Digital LLC

This company is a marketing company. More specifically, they’re a digital marketing company. Their specialty is lead generation sites.

The Position: Copywriter

Blueprint Digital is searching for a copywriter. If taken on as a writer, you’ll create and edit content relating to marketing activities. You could create content for campaigns, as well as edit other writers’ articles.

The Pay

According to the job advert, the pay is between $45K and $53K per year. That amount of money actually isn’t bad, but if you have questions about the salary/rate, then you should contact Blueprint Digital before you apply or shortly after you apply.

The Requirements

The company does prefer someone with a Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing or journalism. They also want prospective writers to have between one and three years of relevant experience. Furthermore, they want candidates to be able to perform keyword research, as well as know how to use content management systems. And you’ll need good editing and writing abilities.

How To Apply

You can apply for this writing job at the following link: APPLY HERE

Final Thoughts: Apply For Those Remote Writing Jobs Today

Are you ready to land a remote writing job? If so, then why not apply for the above jobs? By applying for those positions, you could be one-step closer to becoming a remote content writer. Good luck if you apply for any of those.


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