Different Ways To Make Money With 3D Printing

Throughout the years 3D printing technology and 3D printers have exploded in popularity. Many people around the world may not be familiar with 3D printing, but the chances are they have heard about it.

Regardless if you’re familiar with it or not, what you should know is that 3D printing technology has some serious earning potential. Just about anyone can buy a 3D printer and attempt to try to generate income using it.

With that said, there are lots of ways you can make money with 3D printing. Let’s go over a few of the ways you might want to try.

Create & Sell 3D Printed Products

One way to make money with 3D printing is by creating and selling products. You can create all sorts of stuff with a 3D printer, and this includes home decor items, toys, and phone cases. Some people even create pieces of jewelry. You’re really only limited by your imagination, but bear in mind what you can exactly make with a printer depends on what type of 3D printer you actually have, as well as materials that can be used for the printer.

Here’s a tip: try to create designs that are unique or as different as possible. This is incredibly difficult to do, but if you can create 3D printed products that are different than the competition, then you have a better chance of making money. Take the time to really think and research before settling on what you’ll make.

Offer Services To People

Offering 3D printing services is a great way to make money with 3D printing. You can offer the following services:

. Print personalized items for people to sell
. Offer to create prototypes of products or items
. Provide small scale manufacturing solutions
. Rent out your printer

Those are only a handful of services you can offer within the 3D printing sector. However, it’s probably a good idea to invest in high-quality equipment and materials. If you’re going to provide services to consumers, then they are going to want quality work. If you have a very low-end 3D printer, you can still offer services, but you probably would be much better of with a high quality printer.

You can always start off with a cheap 3D printer. Once you build a base of clients and start generating income, then you can invest in better equipment. However, the choice is ultimately yours.

You Can Sell Printing Designs

Guess what? You can create 3D printable files and sell them off. Many businesses throughout various industries could be your targeted market. For examples, you can create files for products/designs for companies in the healthcare industry or architecture industry.

However, if you sell designs, then they need to be functional. If you don’t have any experience in the industry you’re trying to target, then you’ll want to stick to something you know. For instance, let’s say you’re a construction expert; You could sell designs to companies in that industry.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you produce nothing but the highest quality designs because your reputation is at stake. As time goes by and you build your client base, your reputation will improve. Before you know it, you could have a full-fledge business selling 3D printing designs.

3D Printing & Scanning Services

Offer printing and scanning services. Think about: Staples, The UPS Store and Office Depot are some of the big names in the printing industry. They provide traditional printing and scanning services. Instead of doing that, you’d be offering 3D printing and scanning services.

Making money with 3D printing via this method can take a bit of time because you’ll need to heavily market yourself. Nonetheless, it may be worth your while to try it. Who knows, you could end up with a handful of customers every month, but that may very well be all you need to make a full-time income.

Teach 3D Printing To Others

You can teach others about 3D printing. If you currently don’t have experience, then get yourself a 3D printer and use it regularly. Learn all you can about it, and then you can teach others.

How can you do this? Easy, you can offer live classes via Facebook or create a course and sell it on Udemy. These are only two of the many ways to teach other people.

Make Money With 3D Printing

Making money with 3D printing is definitely possible. Will it be easy? Probably not, especially if you’re hoping to generate full-time income. However, it is still worth trying if this is something you really want to do.

Other Ways To Make Money

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