Drive For ARRO: A Cool Uber/Lyft Alternative For Taxi Drivers

When taxi drivers, and drivers in general, think of making money driving via apps, they tend to think of Lyft and/or Uber. The truth is there are many Lyft and Uber alternatives out there for drivers to choose from. One you may not have heard of is ARRO. Let’s dive into the basics of ARRO and then you can determine whether or not it’s a decent Uber/Lyft alternative.

ARRO: A Little Background

ARRO is a slightly different alternative to Uber and Lyft because it’s an app that connects people seeking a ride to taxi drivers. It’s a taxi-hailing app that launched back in 2015. Its headquarters appears to be based in Long Island, New York.

Who Can Drive For ARRO

As previously mentioned, ARRO is a taxi-hailing app. It’s literally a taxi hailing app, meaning customers use the app to hail a taxicab. Therefore, licensed taxi drivers are able to drive for this Uber/Lyft alternative.

Where Does ARRO Operate

According to ARRO, they operate in the cities of Chicago, Houston, NYC, San Francisco, Miami, Boston and London UK. I suspect that eventually this Uber/Lyft alternative is going to expand to other cities. I could be wrong, but if you’re not in any of those cities that ARRO operates in, then visit their site every now and then to see if they’re accepting drivers in your location.

Why Taxi Drivers Should Drive For ARRO

First, it’s easy to get started. According to ARRO, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions after you’ve downloaded the free app. After your account is all setup, you’ll be able to accept rides. Since it’s an app, it’s kind of similar to Uber/Lyft’s app; You log into the app and accept rides.

Second, the company offers fast payouts. Depending on the payment method offered, taxi drivers can receive their fares the next day.

Third benefit is the earning potential. According to ARRO, the company has thousands and thousands of users around the world.

Fourth benefit is ARRO provides its drivers with tips that can help drivers find passengers who need rides. Emails and texts can be sent to drivers too, and these will contain updates about the industry. Not only that, but ARRO gives drivers training and manuals to help them become successful.

Fifth, benefit is driver support. The company states that their customer service reps can be reached around the clock via email. If drivers have questions about trips or about the ARRO app, then they can send over an email to the company.

To sum up the above, the main benefits of driving for this Uber/Lyft alternative are:

. Easy to use

. Quick payouts

. High earning potential

. Thousands of users around the world

. Training

. Driver support

The Cons Of Driving For This Lyft/Uber Alternative

Uber and Lyft are without a doubt the heavy-hitters of the ride-sharing industry. Although ARRO is not a ride-share app, they still kind of operate similar to those two companies; In which they use an app to connect passengers to rides. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but personally I think Uber and Lyft has a much larger share of the market than ARRO, therefore drivers might not get as many passengers as they would if they were driving for Uber and/or Lyft.

As of now, your options are limited as to where you can drive. This is because the company operates in select markets.

To sum up the above, a few of the cons are:

. Not As Big As Uber/Lyft

. Not available everywhere

Other than those two potential cons, I don’t really see any other major issues about driving for ARRO.

I say go right ahead and try ARRO, if you’re currently a licensed taxi driver in an area that ARRO operates in. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be a fan of this Lyft/Uber alternative, but it’s always good to have an additional source of income. Signup with ARRO, try driving them for a few weeks and then judge whether or not it’s worth continuing to drive for ARRO.

If you want to drive for ARRO and you’re a taxi driver, then you can do so via this link: ARRO

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