Favor Delivery: Make Money Delivering Things In Texas

You can make money delivering things. There’s many companies you can join with. This includes UberEats, DoorDash and so forth. 

Favor Delivery, or Favor for short, is a name you might not be familiar with. However, you can deliver things via Favor, and in turn make a little extra cash. 

So, what is Favor and how do you make money with them? What are the pros and cons of delivering with Favor? Read on to find out more, including the answers to those questions. 

What Is Favor Delivery

As previously mentioned, Favor is similar to UberEats, DoorDash, and InstaCart. The company provides online food delivery and same-day delivery services. Customers can use Favor Delivery to order things such as 

. Food from restaurants

. Groceries

. Dry cleaning 

. Clothing

. And much more

The company is based in Austin, Texas. However, Favor Delivery offers their services to customers throughout many of the major cities of the state. As for who delivers the items consumers order via Favor, that would be what the company dubs as “runners”. If you signup to become a runner and you’re accepted, then you will have the chance to make money. 

The Money: Making It & Getting Paid

It’s all about the money, right? Here’s what you should know about making money and getting paid by Favor Delivery:

How do You Make Money

You download the app, Once you start making deliveries, then you’ll get paid. This is how many other delivery-based apps work. You get to keep your tips, and a portion of the fee. I know in the past favor Delivery was giving people a base pay of $2.10 (to start), but whether or not that still stands as of 2023, I’m not 100% sure. 

How Do You Accept Orders

As previously mentioned, you’ll have an app. Once an order pops up, you can accept it and you’re good to go. Accepting orders is relatively easy with Favor Delivery. Also, the app is pretty simple to use.

How Do You Get Paid 

As for getting paid, you need to have a bank account. Favor Delivery mentions you’re paid via direct deposit, hence why you need a bank account. I know there are online banks or services that give you a debit card tied to a bank account number, so if you don’t have a traditional bank, then that might work. Run this by Favor Delivery first. 

Getting Started With Favor Delivery

What you need is a car, car insurance, active USA driver’s license and a bank account, You also need an android or iOS device. Also, the company runs a criminal background check and a driving background check. 

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons are pretty much the same pros and cons of driving for other companies like UberEats. The good includes you can work when you want, which means you have a bit of flexibility. 

The cons include work isn’t guaranteed, and you don’t get a salary or anything like that. You make money only if there are orders for you to accept. Furthermore, you’ll put wear and tear on your car.

What Do Reviews Say

You can see for yourself. Here are links to reviews about Favor Delivery: 

BBB (Drivers’ reviews)

TrustPilot (Customers’ reviews)

Indeed (Drivers’ reviews)

I recommend checking out those reviews. Have a look at what drivers and customers are saying. Remember, the best way to know what you’re in for is by actually doing it. If you do give Favor Delivery a try, then try them for a month or two because this should give you enough time to gather an idea of whether or not it’s worth delivering things via them. 

Final Thoughts

Do you live in Texas? If so, then give Favor a try if you don’t mind delivering items, and using your own vehicle to deliver. Just remember, you probably won’t make full-time consistent income delivering stuff through companies like Favor Delivery, but Who knows, you might make enough money to make it worth your while. 

Get Started If You Want

If you want to get started or learn more, then feel free to check out Favor Delivery here

If Driving Isn’t Your Thing

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