Feb. 9th: Work At Home Jobs In The London Area

Live in London, UK? Are you searching for work at home jobs London-based or in the surrounding area? Here are a few companies that have been recently looking for people to work remotely. With that said, some of the jobs that have been advertised as London-based or surrounding areas include:

1. Freelance Moderator- Chappy is a dating app and they are currently looking for a freelance moderator. According to Chappy, if you land the job, then you’ll be working 2 hours per day, every day of the week; And it’s part-time work. As for what you’ll do, you’ll be providing customer support and moderating abuse.

I couldn’t find anything in Chappy’s advert in regards to pay.

To sum up the above:

. Freelance moderator
. Provide customer support and moderating abuse that has been reported
. Interviews held at their Soho office
. Part-time work
. Be able to work 2 hours per day/7 days per week
. Pay not mentioned

If you’re on the hunt for work at home jobs in London and you think you would be a good fit for Chappy, then apply for their Freelance Moderator position today.

2. Bids Executive- Pinsent Masons is a law firm and they are looking to fill a position for a Bids Executive. Although I don’t think this a 100% work at home job in London, Pinsent’s job advert does say there is a possibility of being able to work from home. The job ad states that Bids Executive will work with a business development team either in London or Edinburgh. An exact number for salary wasn’t specifically mentioned, but Pinsent did state that they do offer a competitive salary.

To sum up the above:

. Bids executive
. Be part of a business development team
. Possibility of working from home
. Competitive salary

Do you have experienced working as a bids executive? If so, apply to be one with Pinsent Masons.

3. Marketing Assistant- ClearScore is seeking a marketing assistant. They want someone who can start right away for six months. ClearScore’s job post says the marketing assistant will come up with creative ideas and they will have duties in creating marketing strategies and implementing them.

ClearScore’s ad didn’t mention anything about pay. If you apply for the job and they get back to you, I’m sure they will tell you how much you’ll get paid.

4. Customer Service Representative- Mayalogic is currently looking for a customer service representative. This work at home London job, if you land it, will require you so post ads on Facebook Market Place. The company says they will provide the customer service representative with advertisement material to help them with everything, and the representative will be required to handle all responses to the ad in a professional way.

Mayalogic’s job posting didn’t say how much the customer service representative will be paid. However, it did say that pay information will be discussed during a telephone interview.

More Work At Home Jobs In London 

The above work at home jobs in London may not appeal to you. If that’s the case, then maybe a few of the below ones will. Other work at home jobs in England’s capital (or around the area) include:

Customer Support Advocate- GoCardless is currently looking for a customer support advocate. The job, according to the company’s post, pays £11 per hour.

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator- Guru is looking to bring aboard a social media and marketing coordinator. According to their posting, the pay is between £25-30k per year.

SEO Executive- Halford’s is looking for an SEO executive. According to their job posting, it’s full-time work. The exact amount the person who lands the role will be paid was not mentioned.

Good Luck If You Apply

Do you plan on applying for any of the above work at home jobs in London? If so, good luck.


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