HireWriters.com Review: Worth Writing For Or Not?

Hirewriters is a content mill; People go to the site to order articles. But you’re here because you want to know whether or not it’s a decent site to write for. Well, check out this short review and decide for yourself. I’ll cover the pros, cons and key features of Hirewriters.

The Pros

Hirewriters typically has a good amount of articles to choose from. Bear in mind that it isn’t a guarantee that there’ll always be work available. The chances are there will be articles for you to pickup.

Secondly, there is potential to earn more per article. Writers who are new to Hirewriters start off at ‘beginner’ level. Once they’ve written enough articles and meet other criteria, they can move up a level. The higher the level, the more you can make per article you write.

Hirewriters.com doesn’t mess around with writers’ payments. When I tested them out, I never ran into payment issues. Once you hit the payout threshold, the site will pay you. I believe the payout threshold is around twenty-dollars.

Also, it’s easy to get started as a writer. It doesn’t take long to signup for an account and to get started with accepting articles. Generally speaking, you could be ready to accept articles shortly after creating an account.

To sum up the above, the top two pros of Hirewriters are:

  • Usually a good amount of articles to write
  • Potential to earn more per article
  • Pay on time
  • Easy to get started

The Cons

There’s only a handful of cons, with one being articles can be rejected by clients. They can reject your article for any reason at all. Another con is sometimes the instructions can be overly excessive, even for low-paying articles. You can also be penalized (sort of speaking) if you don’t finish an article and let it go back into the writers’ pool; I’m not sure how much you get deduced off your earnings for missing a deadline, but it’s not that much.

Another con is that some article requests will say (for example) 300+ words, but when you open the order up fully, the word count can be much, much higher than that.

To sum up the above, the cons of Hirewriters.com are:

  • Articles can be rejected
  • Can be penalized (have earnings deducted)
  • Excessive instructions
  • Word count requests

My Key Takeaways

The key takeaways are:

  • Hirewriters is a decent site to write for
  • Articles can be rejected for any reason
  • You can view approval/rejection percentage

I didn’t mind Hirewriters, but I didn’t like that they allowed articles to be rejected for any given reason. However, before you take up an article you can view the requester’s rejection/approval percentage rating. The higher the percentage of rejections, the more careful you should be of accepting the requester’s article. All in all, I didn’t find Hirewriters to be a bad site, and you can be as picky as you want when it comes to choosing articles to write.

Final Verdict

Hirewriters.com is a decent site to write for, if you’re new writer or just looking for another basket to put your eggs into (sort of speaking). The site isn’t a scam, they pay on time and you can see what customers’ rejection ratings are (allowing you to decide whether or not you should take a chance writing their article) and you’ll have the chance to move up ranks, which allows you to access higher paying articles.

I say give Hirewriters a try for a few weeks. If you like it, great; If not, then move on to another site to write for. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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