How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace With These Tips

You probably know what Facebook Marketplace is. You might have even attempted to sell something on it or have purchased items from it. Whatever the case is, you’re here (I assume) to learn how to make money on Facebook Marketplace. That being said, check out the below Facebook Marketplace tips.

Bear in mind that these tips are geared towards those who are hoping to sell regularly via Facebook Marketplace. If you simply want to sell something on a one-off basis, then some of these tips can still help.

1. Choose A Niche

You might not think this is important, but I actually think it’s a good idea to choose a niche. The niche you choose will factor in to what types of products you’ll sell.

Do you want to sell fitness stuff? How about software? Maybe clothing is what you’ll be aiming for. Whatever you do, choose and stick to a niche because as you grow your presence on Facebook Marketplace, and the more customers you end up selling to as time goes by, the more familiar people will become with you. For example, if you’re niche is fitness (more specifically workout equipment), then eventually word-of-mouth about your listings could spread. Whenever someone needs workout equipment, you may very well be who they turn to.

2. Check Out Selling Groups

Another Facebook Marketplace tip is to checkout and join several selling groups. Find groups that focuses on the areas/regions where you want to sell. For example, is your prospective buyers located in a specific state, region, country or territory? If so, then join selling groups that focuses on those areas.

As a general rule of thumb, join at least 3-5 FB selling groups. When you list a new item on Marketplace, then spread the word via the selling groups. Just be sure to follow each group’s rules, and don’t overdo it. Posting one time should be enough.

3. Start Your Own FB Group Or FB Page

Creating your own FB selling group or FB page is another idea you can try. Make your group or page relevant to your niche. Going off the previous example, you could create a page or group centered around fitness equipment. Bear in mind that it will take work to build up your Facebook page and/or group. Although the work is tedious, eventually it could payoff.

4. Snap Quality Photos

This probably goes without saying and it’s a very common Facebook Marketplace tip for sellers, but snap quality photos. Do your best to take good photos of the items you sell. Potential buyers want to have a very good idea of what the product they’re about to buy looks like. Snap several pics of your items and then choose the very best ones.

5. Pricing Items

Do a bit of research on the products you’re selling. How much are they going for on Amazon, eBay and any other site you can think of. This will give you an idea of how much you should consider selling your products for on Facebook Marketplace.

More Facebook Marketplace Tips For Selling

A handful of other Facebook Marketplace tips include:

Where To Find Items

There’s a ton of places to find items. You can go through places like Alibaba, AliExpress (which is owned by Alibaba), Amazon, eBay and sites such as that nature.

You can also check out traditional retailers like Target, Walmart, Argos, ASOS and H&J Smith to name a few. Here’s a tip, wait to score items at these places during sales or when discounts are offered. The goal is to buy cheap, wait til the prices go back up and then resell them on Facebook Marketplace. This method will likely result in you being able to sell the items cheaper than those stores.

Buy Low, Sell Higher

This Facebook Marketplace tip was kind of discussed in the last two sentences above. You want to buy low, sell higher. Find products within your chosen niche; Research that those products are selling for, on average; And then find places to buy those products at a low price and sell them at a slightly higher price. This will take a fair amount of work, but overtime it can payoff.

Start A Blog/Website

That’s right, launch your own blog or website. In my opinion, the blog would be the better option when it comes to Facebook Marketplace. What you do is create a blog, and then publish content relating to your niche. Let’s stick with the example we’ve been running with: fitness equipment. You could publish articles about fitness equipment, but the type of equipment you’re selling.

Within your blog’s articles, you can link to your Facebook Marketplace listings. Bear in mind that getting traffic to your blog requires a lot of legwork, but eventually you could get regular traffic to your blog. In turn, some of that traffic might go to check out your Facebook Marketplace listings.

The above Facebook Marketplace tips should come in handy; Especially if you’re hoping to make selling on Facebook a long-term thing. Good luck if you decided to implement those tips, and hopefully you go on to make many sales via Facebook Marketplace.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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