How to Make Money with eBooks via Affiliate Marketing: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Affiliate marketing can be summed up as getting paid to promote another company’s products/services in exchange for a commission. You get paid when your efforts result in a sale. Let’s say you promote someone’s eBook, and your efforts result in a sale; You would then be given a percentage of the sale.

The potential for making money with eBooks via affiliate marketing is enormous. Millions of eBooks are downloaded on a regular basis. The bottom line is you can earn great money.

With that said, let’s go over finding the right eBooks to promote, where to find eBooks, and other information that can help maximize your chances of success with making money promoting eBooks.

Finding eBooks To Promote

The first thing you’ll want to do is research popular eBook topics and niches. Don’t stress yourself out too much because there are lots of popular niches and topics. A few of the top ones include:

. Making money

. Health & fitness

. Travel & adventure

. Pets

. Cooking and/or Recipes

. Fiction (all sorts of fiction)

Those are only a handful. As for how to perform research, simply go to eBook retailers’ websites. See what books are performing well, and what seems popular at the moment. Browse social media sites and use keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner to see what topics/niches are being searched for the most. This will take a bit of practice and patience, but it may very well be the key to unlocking your potential with making money by promoting eBooks.

Choosing An Affiliate Marketing Platform

Now, you’ll want to find an affiliate marketing platform to use. These platforms are where you’ll actually find eBooks to promote. The platforms will be responsible for paying you. Although there are no shortage of platforms, a few of the top ones include:

. Amazon Associates

. ClickBank

. Commission Junction

Those are only three of the many. All three of them are beginner friendly. You’ll easily find eBooks in your preferred niche/topic.

Just make sure you choose maybe one or two platforms. And then choose one or two eBooks to promote. Also, compare a few platforms before deciding which one to use to find eBooks to promote.

Creating A Marketing Strategy

There’s a ton of marketing strategies you can implement. You’ll want to consider what kind of eBooks you’re going to promote, and then go from there. Let’s say you’re going to promote a fitness book. You could:

. Create a blog in the fitness niche

. Publish content regularly to the blog

. Start a FB page for your blog or a general fitness FB page

. Launch a YouTube Channel, and promote books through it

That is just one example of a marketing strategy. Whatever marketing strategy you develop, be consistent. Show up daily and hit the pavement hard. If after 8-12 weeks you are getting zero results, then it may be time to move on to another strategy.

In Conclusion

When it comes to making money with eBooks via affiliate marketing, it’s all about choosing the right book/books to promote. It takes a bit of research, consistency and patience, too.

Sure, you might not make money right off the bat. You probably won’t earn anything for weeks. However, if you’re consistent and keep this beginner’s guide in mind, then eventually you could be on your way to earning money sooner or later.

Also, below is a link to a past article on affiliate marketing. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then check out the article below:

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