How To Make Money With Facebook Gaming Platform

You can make money with Facebook via their own gaming-streaming platform. Think of it as a competitor to Twitch. In fact, a few popular players from Twitch have moved from the platform to Facebook’s gaming platform. Whether you’re a new gamer, novice or an established gamer, you might want to look into getting on Facebook’s gaming platform. Here are a few things to know. 

1. What Is Facebook Gaming 

It’s a platform where people can stream games and watch people stream games. At the time of this writing, Facebook gaming is ranked the number three streaming gaming platform; It trails behind Twitch and YouTube. Considering the Twitch and YouTube have been around the streaming-gaming scene for a lot longer, number three is impressive!

If you wish to make money with Facebook gaming, then you’ll have to go through a few steps. Don’t worry because it’s fairly easy to get everything set up.

2. Getting Started 

You need four main things in order to start streaming via Facebook Gaming. You need: 

  • A Facebook account
  • A Facebook Page (creator page)
  • A computer & capture card if you plan on streaming console games
  • Broadcasting software 

As for broadcasting software, you can use Xsplit, OBs or StreamLabs. A more detailed explanation of what to do can be found on the Facebook’s Gaming Get Started Page.

After you have set everything up, you’ll be a step closer to potentially being able to make money with Facebook gaming.

3. How To Make Money With Facebook Gaming: The Level Up Program 

After you get the hang of using Facebook to live-stream your gaming sessions, eventually you may be eligible to join the Level Up Program. This gives creators the chance to potentially make money with Facebook Gaming. In order to qualify for the Level Up Program, the following conditions need to be meant: 

  • You need a Gaming Video Creator FB page
  • In the prior 14 days, you need to have streamed gaming content for four hours (at least), and with game tagged
  • Have streamed gaming content, again prior to 14 days, for at least two days
  • Need at least 100 people following your page
  • For at least 30 days, your page needs to have been active

You have to be located in an eligible region. The good news is that FB’s Level Up Program is continuing to expand. Eventually it may be available in your region. 

4. How Are You Paid 

When you’re accepted into the Level Up Program, you’ll have the chance to make money with Facebook gaming. However, you don’t make money via ad revenue, affiliate revenue or anything like that. As of now, you receive Facebook Stars, which are purchased by Facebook users; Who then can reward you stars.

When you receive enough stars, you can exchange them for real cash. According to the social media giant, you receive payment once you’ve reached $100USD or 10,000 stars. To be more specific, the current going rate is: 

  • $0.01 per Star

Maybe in the future, there’ll be additional ways to earn cash with FB gaming. For now, creators have to rely on their fans/followers to give them Stars. 

5. Tips & Advice For Making Money With Facebook Gaming

There’s a few generic, but extremely useful tips that can help you. The top four tips are:

First, leave comments on other creators’ streams and pages. Don’t advertise yourself or include your link to anything. Just leave genuine comments. The more you do this, the more followers you’ll likely gain; And the more followers you have, the more of a chance you have of earning money with Facebook gaming.

Second, respond to your followers when they leave you comments. Your followers/fans are the ones who are contributing to your popularity and income. If you take the time to interact with them, then they may be more inclined to give you Stars.

Third, join groups and pages that are relevant to gaming. This gives you the chance to interact with other gamers and fans of games.

Fourth, be consistent with your live-streaming. Live-stream your gaming sessions regularly; Preferably at least 2-3 times per week. When you’ve become well-known, then you might be able to get away with doing one session per week.

Like I said, those are generic tips. However, they should come in handy and might steer you in the right direction.

Right now it doesn’t appear there is a way to generate ad revenue via streaming games on Facebook. However, if you get enough followers who view your stream regularly and they start giving you Stars, then you could end up making a little bit of money with Facebook gaming. And who knows, in the future Facebook may introduce other ways to make money via their game streaming platform.

You can become a gaming creator via Facebook by visiting the below link. Once you become eligible, you can apply for the Level Up program. The link for that program can be found below too.

Facebook Gaming Creators

Level Up Program

Good luck if you decide to try to make money with Facebook Gaming.

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