How To Make Your First $10 Online With Surveys

A lot of people want to earn just some pocket cash online. To you, earning $10 online might not be impressive; But to others it might be enough to motivate them to do more and earn more online. That being said, there are tons of ways to earn your very first $10 online, and one of those ways is via surveys.

Yup, surveys. Using survey sites isn’t my favorite way to earn cash, but every little bit counts these days right? Ok, with that said let’s quickly dive into how you can earn your first $10 online.

Get On Survey Sites

What you want to do is find surveys sites. This isn’t hard to do, and there are literally dozens upon dozens of surveys sites that pay. The way they work is simple and pretty straightforward. You find a survey site, signup to become a member with them and complete surveys that are available. If you qualify for them and complete them, then you’ll be awarded cash.

The Strategy

There’s no secret sauce or special tricks to earn with survey sites. All I can tell you is that the best strategy/way to go about it (in my opinion) is to find at least 3-5 legitimate survey sites. Join them and then become familiar with them. Use all 3-5 sites and check regularly for surveys and complete them when they are available to you.

Doing the above should help you earn your first $10 online rather quickly. You don’t really want to focus on just one site. This is because survey sites tend to not pay a whole lot of money for taking surveys alone. Therefore, the more survey sites you use, the better your odds are of earning a little bit of money that will eventually add up to $10.

Other Tips

As previously mentioned, join only legitimate survey sites. I’m not going toi list a ton here, but three you can think about joining includes Inbox Dollars, Swag Bucks and Opinion Outpost to name a few. Join those three, check them out regularly and who knows, you might be able to earn your first $10 online within the next few days.

A second tip you definitely want to do is to create a secondary email address because you will be receiving marketing emails when you complete surveys online. You will likely be bombarded by tons of emails, therefore it’s a good idea to create an email address solely for the purpose of doing surveys online.

How To Earn More With Survey Sites

If you want to earn a lot more than $10 online with surveys, then join the ones that are not only legit, but also ones that have a referral program. When you refer others to their sites and they complete surveys or meet the requirements, as well as you meeting the requirements, then you could earn money.

Here’s a tip, don’t promote the survey sites you join until you actually get paid by them. Then you can use the payment proof as part of your promotions. This is a good way to prove that the sites pay. And who knows, you could end up doing very well promoting the sites and this means more earnings for you.

And that my friends is how to earn your first $10 online with surveys. You won’t get rich doing surveys, but you could definitely earn some pocket cash. Good luck if you take action. 


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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  1. Hey Nathan, Thanks for lighting on making money via Survey. You have done a grate work for me and for other tool to earn money via survey . I found your tips are very helpful for me. From you tips I hope I will make some pocket money. I will also help some of my friends to make their pocket money via survey.

    Thank you .. Deepu

  2. Making moneyonline through survey is possible but then, the time and effort used in it is not totally encouraging though. Survey still provides one of the most legit ways to earn at least enough to pay for groceries. However, if the offer to earn a constant 10 $per day is possible with surveys, then I will gladly take it. Thanks for sharing here

  3. I always have this idea that online users should have gained enough understanding from the various trainings around different websites, well, making money online should be considered to he a gradual process and as you have said, making $10 at first isn’t bad. The tips you have here are useful for those of us planning to go into surgery, and mostly about not promoting the survey company until you get paid, it is wise.

  4. A very nice idea Nathan, unfortunately for me, I haven’t been involved with really legit survey sites that pay for real. I have been a few that pays, but survey questions hardly come and so it would be difficult to really make money from it. I think this is a really great idea to get involved with a couple of them. I would love to read more about the listed survey sites you have listed here. Regards.

  5. It’ll be a very sad thing to join a survey site and at the end of the day they do not pay so it’s good you can give us three of the best out there that is legit. It’s true that a money as small as that can be enough motivation for a person to go forward. I like the fact that you have mentioned that we shouldn’t refer until we have been paid. That’s nice, thanks!

  6. Thank you for your post. It is helpful for me. I started my online business for a while now and still don’t make any money. I actively looking ways to make money so that I could get some inspiration from it.

    Here comes your article. There are some relatively simple way, such as making survey, to make money. It is nice that you provide a lot of tips on how to make money through survey. The three websites are valuable information for me and I am going to sign up for all three of them. Your advice on creating specific email address for this job is also valuable, since it is possible for me to follow-up the specific communications.

    It is kind of you spending your time, sorting the best survey programs, and share them with us, which save a lot of our time. We could just move our project forward.

  7. Great, I did n’t know I could make money online through Surveys. Before this, I always thought it was a scam. Now I read your blog introduction. I think, as you said, doing surveys online will not make you rich, but you can earn some money. Pocket money. thank you.

  8. Nathan, thanks for sharing. That’s actually pretty interesting. I’ve heard alot about surveys since I’ve been on the Internet but was always under the impression that it was mere pennies that is earned. If you don’t mind me asking, how much can you really earn from a survey?

    I know it’s not a get rich quick kinda thing but I’d be curious to know. Also how long sites it take to complete a survey? In your opinion, is it even worth venturing down that path? And if not, what would you actually recommend doing? It’s interesting to learn the many ways to earn online. Sites like tours are Very helpful. Thanks for sharing your insights. It helps a great deal. Thanks. 

  9. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article and explanation given.

    I always wanted to make money from surveys but I searched the internet and found only false information. Even though this type of work is one of the most legal, there are still false reviews about certain platforms that make you waste a lot of time and earn nothing. Now I can say that you gave me honest reason that this type of online business is really profitable and worth a try.
    If I earn $ 10 every day I could say that my monthly rent in an apartment is guaranteed. Thanks again for this post and if you don’t mind i will share it on my social media accounts. Wish you all the best! 

  10. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say that I have alot of history with survey sites although most of them were scams but I really like your list of survey sites and I think make 10bucks would be away with them.

  11. Nathan, you did a great job capturing the substance on earning money through surveys. First, you can make some money but not big money as the surveys are targeted based on demographic profiling. Next, get another email is sound advise as most survey companies need to make money, especially if they are paying you to participate in the survey. Email marketing is another way for these survey sites make money. I just want to add that surveys have a “hot spot,” this means you are going to get more surveys if you are in the hot spot. There are age groups where it is hard to get enough surveys to make money. Therefore, the point on joining 3-5 makes sense for accumulative earnings. 

  12. I thinks its great you shared several survey sites that are legitimate because I think it can get confusing sometimes knowing who you can trust and who shouldn’t be trusted.  What’s the best way to tell the difference between the legit sites and the bogus ones?  Are there any good references that you know of that have detailed reviews of survey sites that could helpful to someone starting out?  This would be helpful in steering clear of bad ones or knowing which ones pay better etc… Thanks!

  13. I was on the Internet today, finding out new ways I can make money online come 2020 and this is how I landed on your website. I did not hope I would like the idea of surveys making money for me, but your post has changed my perception.

    As an authority in this niche, you recommend joining 3 to 5 sites and I will go with Inbox Dollars, Swag Bucks and Opinion Outpost, exactly as you stated. I will overcome the hurdle of tons of emails with the help of my able assistant after we share tasks. I am determined to make this work and will hit you with feedback at my earliest success.
    Thank you 


  14. I have tried doing surveys in the past, unfortunately, I did not feel that I could fully trust them.  I really felt that they were promoting products and pushing for sales rather than just surveys…needless to say despite the surveys telling me that I had earned $, each time it required me to answer more surveys…

    And they never indicated how they would pay you…

    I have heard people claim that they have made some good money taking surveys, but I can’t verify that…

    Anyhow, it’s an interesting post and you have suggested some survey sites that I can look into …

    Thanks for this post, I appreciate it!


  15. Hi Nathan,I agree with you that surveys are not necessarily the best way of making money online because they are tedious and dull and, in my experience it works out at about USD0.02 per minute or just over a dollar an hour. I do them when I’m stuck on public transport or while the TV is on and make around USD10 per month which is hardly a life changing sum of money but is better than nothing.

  16. Completing surveys is a perfectly legitimate business as long as you choose companies who have been offering surveys for some time. As I am retired I found that I didn’t fit their required profile for many surveys which became a bit annoying. Your idea of referring people to the survey company sounds a good idea and gives you another string to your bow, Taking surveys is a good opportunity but don’t expect huge rewards, just pocket money.

  17. It’s really true that you can earn a little with a site survey. About ten years back, I did it a little. In parallel, I created exact match domain sites for Google AdSense. Today, however, I prefer to spend time on a real authority site to move forward in the Google search. The possibilities of monetization are then wide enough.

  18. BlueMoon UniqueFashion

    Thanks for this excellent post. It is great for all those who want to earn a few dollars more in their spare time. I agree that when they realize that it is realistic that they can make the first $ 10 online, they will try to find a way to make money and something more. Because if you can make $ 10, then you can certainly earn $ 100 or $ 1000.

  19. This is valuable information for me. Some time ago i started out trying to work with surveys. You can say I went blindly into it. When Ii got bombarded with all these emails, I was turned off of the whole idea. Now that you have explained the details, I see where I should have created a new email and also I should have checked out recommended survey sites before plunging in. I earn money online, but the big sums don’t always come in on time, and these payments of $10 add up and can be used to pay some of the bills. Thank you for the article.

  20. Great idea. I have joined Inbox Dollars and have been a member for 4 years. I have earned over $600.00 by taking surveys. I have just started with Swagbucks, another great site. It is easy and what’s nice is you can take surveys anywhere you have a few spare minutes. Great site. 

  21. This is good information for people interested in earning a few extra bucks. You have provided good info so that a person can get started correctly in the survey area without spinning there wheels needlessly.

    I agree not to promote any survey sites until you can validate them by getting paid yourself.  These are very helpful tips.

    This is definitely a way to make a samll amount of income online as you build a more substantial internet business. Thanks so much for these ideas.  Much appreciated and All the Best.

  22. Hi Nathan, thank you for this great review full of information and tips where to start to make money online. For quite a few years I have been interested to make money online and one of the things I have tried were surveys too. I have to say that I had never any success doing so. Either I signed up but never got surveys sent to me or the surveys we’re so long that it  costed me that much time to fill them in that it was not word the effort.

    As far as I remember the surveys would translate in points and you would need a certain amount of points before earning cash. It just felt like it would not be a happening thing for me.

    Perhaps it was just not for me or I had chosen the wrong survey sites. 

    Recently I have chosen another platform to make money online which is not a short term goal but long term investment and I am very happy with my decision and enjoying the whole journey so much.

    Of course, we all have different lives and different goals and for some people it will probably be a great way to make some pocket money through surveys and I think your information is very helpful for them.

    Thank you very much for sharing and all the best for you in 2020


  23. Surveys take time and unfortunately people don’t see its invested time is completely worth it. It truly is! Personally, I always answer surveys when I am asked to answer one. Your input counts. Its like each vote when it comes to politics; you have a say and an effect on society. I wish people saw this.

  24. Well detailed article, personally i used to earn through surveys and actually earning a total of $10 was not a big issue, the problem i encountered was lack of adequate surveys, maybe i was reluctant to join many survey platforms, but i found that sometimes you are free and Will to carry our some surveys but there are no surveys at the moment, all the same i can testify it’s real. One can make money through surveys and especially when one registers to several surveys platforms, thank you for sharing such a wonderful article.

  25. Thanks for sharing this income opportunity. As an online business coach, I am being asked on a regular basis by my clients from the Philippines if I can recommend them to good opportunities. Before, I don’t have anything to say to them because I’m not familiar with this kind of online money-making. Now, instead of trying to explain the details about online paid surveys, I will just share this blog post with them.

    I’d like to ask, why is it there are online paid surveys out there that are asking for money if you want to join them? Are they legitimate?

  26. Hi and thanks for your informative article about survey sites

    I joined a few survey sites a number of years ago but soon grew tired of not qualifying for many well paying surveys. Now, I feel that this could be a good way to get my children involved in making money online. Are the sites you mention in your article available for people all around the world or are they US specific? 

  27. Hey there,

    I like your post, and the idea of using multiple survey sites simultaneously is great!

    The problem with survey sites, is that these are usually limited to a few countries – US, Canada, UK, France, Germany and some other western European countries. Therefore even if I sign up to multiple sites (I already tried it), i barely get 1 survey per week. So, for me, this is not an option.

    But even for those who can get a few surveys per day, is the time and effort worth it?

    Thanks again,


  28. Fugitive You are honest that doing online survey cannot make you rich but earn some pocket money.  In fact, it is very time-consuming.  I have joined several survey companies.  Although they send quite a lot of emails to notify me there are surveys available to me.  But most of the time, when I have answered a few questions, they will suddenly pop up a message that you do not match the requirement of the survey.  Then, I try another one.  Same thing happens.  I don’t know the survey companies you provide in this article are the better ones.  I really hope so. Thank you.

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