iDriveYourCar: Should You Drive For This Uber/Lyft Alternative

Uber and Lyft dominate the ridesharing market. Drivers around the world make or try to make decent money with the companies. Although they are “THE” big guys in the industry, they aren’t the only companies around. If you’re looking for Uber/Lyft alternatives for drivers, then there a number of noteworthy companies.

iDriveYourCar is one of those companies. There’s a chance you haven’t heard of this alternative to Uber and Lyft. So, let’s discuss what iDriveYourCar is, how it works, top reasons to drive for them and a few reasons why you might not want to drive for them.

What Is iDriveYourCar

The company dubs themselves as a service/platform that matches chauffeurs with passengers. A key difference between iDriveYourCar and other ridesharing companies is the passengers are transported in their own car. When you join iDriveYourCar as a driver, then you’re basically going to be a chauffeur.

How Does Being A Driver Work

First things first, you must apply to become a driver with iDriveYourCar. Eventually your application will be refused or approved. When you’re vetted and approved, then you’ll be able to start taking on jobs.

5 Reasons To Drive For iDriveYourCar

The top five reasons to drive for them are:

1. No Using Your Own Vehicle- One of the best things about this Uber and Lyft alternative is you don’t use your own vehicle to transport passengers. With iDriveYourCar, your passenger goes to a predetermined location. Then, you’ll drive their vehicle to the destination/destinations they want you to bring them to. This means no wear and tear on your vehicle.

2. Regular Clients- There is potential to get regular clients. If a client likes you enough, then they may specifically request you whenever they need a chauffeur. Some clients might feel comfortable with you driving their cars, and they may like your professionalism, which is why they may request you every time they need a ride. Regular clients means regular income.

3. Choose Your Trips- Similar to ridesharing companies, iDriveYourCar allows you to choose trips. If you become a top driver with the company, then you could receive a fair amount of leads regularly.

4. Flexible Scheduling- You can choose when you want to work. This is typical of companies such as iDriveYourCar, Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and so forth. According to the company, you choose the trips you want, as well as the clients you want.

5. Make Money- An obvious benefit is the potential to earn cash. How much you earn depends on various factors. On the website, it does mention that drivers can consistently earn up to $1,400 per week; This is due to less downtime and longer trips.

Reasons Not To Drive For iDriveYourCar

A few reasons to not drive for them are:

1. Not Guaranteed Work- You are not guaranteed work. This is actually the downside to any kind of app that says you can claim jobs via their platform. One week you could be making lots of cash, and the following week you could make nothing. It’s just the nature of the industry.

2. Long Trips- On the company’s website, it says the average trip lasts for five hours. This actually isn’t a bad thing, but some prospective drivers might be put off on having to do a trip that lasts for a few hours. Many trips with Uber and Lyft are over and done with because lots of those trips are equivalent what taxi drivers do.

Final Verdict: Give It A Go

You don’t really have anything to lose giving iDriveYourCar a try. Give it a try for a few weeks or months, but within a few weeks you’ll have a good idea if driving for them is worth it or not. Good luck if you give it a go. 

How To Signup As A Drive

You can apply to become a driver at the following link: iDriverYourCar


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