Is Beurax A Scam

Beurax is a “trading platform” you might have heard of, but you’re wondering if it’s a scam or not? Well, if you have already gave it a try in the past, then you probably already know what I’m about to say. And if you have just recently heard about Beurax, then long story short it’s a scam and you should stay far away from it.

What Is Beurax & How Does It Work

It’s a company that claims to offer easy access to crypto trading, and allows individuals to earn daily. I don’t care what people consider Beurax, be it a trading platform or investment company, it’s shady.

The company supposedly generates money via trading bots, and supposedly they pay people who have joined daily returns. However, these “daily returns” are paid out via new investment money.

I actually witnessed “internet marketers” heavily hocking and roping new people into Beurax, and showing off how much money they were making; Only for those same “internet marketers” scrub all connections and ties to Beurax after it shut down (it constantly shuts down and starts back up under a new domain); All while deleting any comments calling them (the “internet marketers”) out about promoting a scam.

Reasons It’s A Scam & Major Red Flags

I don’t even know where to start, but the first reason it’s a scam and a major red flag is there is an old promo video that features the “CEO” of Beurax. I put CEO in quotes because the person in the video was actually an actor. Yup, whoever was/is behind Beurax thought it would be a good idea to use a completely fake CEO to make the company look more credible. Unfortunately, it appears that it worked for a little while, but more and more people started to take notice.

Another red flag is Beurax has shutdown on numerous of occasions, after people catch on. They eventually pop back up under a new domain name/extension, and they may slightly tweak how they promote their BS.

Look, I understand no company is perfect and bad press, reviews and so forth is usually inevitable. However, when there are far more horror stories about a company or “opportunity”, then the alarm bells should probably be going off. In my opinion, and based on my research, there’s far more stories about people losing their money than there are people who have made money on a consistent basis.

Finally, I have literally seen a number of people who have described themselves as “super affiliates” and “internet marketers” hock Beurax, but then try their hardest to scrub ties to it once people start catching on.

To sum up the above, the reasons it’s a scam and some of the red flags include:

. Promo videos featuring a fake CEO

. Beurax has repeatedly shutdown and reopen under new domain names

. Tons of stories from people being ripped off

. “Internet marketers” scrubbing ties

Anything Good To Say About Beurax?

Honestly, there are no pros. I have nothing good to say about Beurax, and nothing can change my mind about that. I have kept my eye on Beurax for awhile, and have come to the conclusion they are a sham.

Conclusion: Don’t Do It

In my personal opinion, you should absolutely not dump any money into Beurax. Its past is way to checkered to just dump any amount of cash into it. On that note, I also don’t recommend trying to rope/refer others to “invest” their money into Beurax. I don’t care what anyone tells you or how convincing they sound, the chances are you’ll regret doing it in the long run or even in the short-term.


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