Is Hubpages A Scam: Should You Write For Them

Hubpages has been around for years, but there are people who have not heard of the site. If you’re a writer looking to make a few bucks, then you might be wondering is Hubpages a scam? Right off the bat, it isn’t a scam. That being said, I’ll cover the basics such as what the site is, what I like about it, what I dislike about it and all that other stuff.

What Is Hubpages

It is a user-generated site that allows people to publish content. You can pretty much publish all kinds of articles. You sign up for an account and when you’re approved and all set up, you can start publishing Hubs (articles).

Most writers on Hubpages hope to make a few dollars via the Hubpages AD program or via AdSense. This means you need a significant amount of traffic to your articles if you hope to earn anything from them.

Things I Like About Hubpages

There’re a few things I like about Hubpages, with the top three being:

1. Chance At Residual Income- I say the chance at residual income, because in my opinion, the chances of actually making consistent money on a regular basis are small. If you choose to monetize via the Hubpages Ad Program, then you won’t be paid until you reached $50. They pay monthly, so if you don’t reach that $50 threshold, then you won’t be paid but the earnings will be carried over.

To get to the point where you’re making consistent money, you can expect things to take a while. It’ll also take a lot of effort to get to that point, and even after all that work, you might not earn anything at all. That’s how it is with any site like Hubpages.

2. Write About Anything (pretty much)- As long as you’re not trying to write about illegal things or stuff you know you shouldn’t be writing about, then you can pretty much publish anything on Hubpages. Just make sure it falls within the site’s guidelines, otherwise it won’t get published. All sites like Hubpages have rules and guidelines with regard to the type of content that can be published.

3. Easy To Use- The website is easy to use and allows you to create a layout for your articles. After you finish writing up your article, you can submit it. You can also save your article and go back to finish it at a later time.

Hubpages allows you the chance to earn residual income, the chance to write about pretty much anything and the site is easy to use. Those are the top things I like about the site.

What I Don’t Like About Hubpages

As much as I like the site, there are a few things I don’t like about Hubpages. The top include:

1. Not A Lot To Be Made- In my opinion and from my personal experience, there isn’t a lot of money to be made with Hubpages. Unless you put in solid effort and publish highly quality articles regularly, the chances are you won’t earn more than a $100 per month.

2. High Word Count- Hubpages suggests that your word count for each article be at least 700 words (at the time of this writing). This isn’t a bad number to aim for, but your article might not be featured anyways. That brings me to the next thing I don’t like about the site:

3. Article Might Not Be Featured- You could put in a ton of effort into an article and it still might not be featured. Basically, your article could be publish and visible on Hubpages but will probably not be found in the search engines results pages.

*Featured: If an article is featured, it has a chance to get featured in the search engines results pages.

Is Hubpages A Scam

No, Hubpages is far from a scam and it has been around for many years. However, it’s not the best place to write for if you’re looking to earn a lot of money from your writing. If you do write for them and you hit the minimum payout requirement, then you will be paid. I have never had a payment issue when I was active on Hubpages.

Hubpages: Who Should Write For Them

If you’re looking to score a back link or two to your website or build up your social media following, then go right ahead and use Hubpages. Maybe you like writing for fun; If so, then give the site a try. Give it a go if you want to test it out to find out if you can actually earn a little something.

Do not write for Hubpages if you’re expecting to earn thousands per month after publishing a few articles.

Realistically: What Can You Earn

I can’t really answer this because many factors come into play. Me personally, I used to earn regularly, and make the payout threshold without even using the site. Years ago, I published loads of articles to the site and eventually I stopped using Hubpages, but I was still earning.

If you really focus on put in a ton of effort, you might be able to earn $50usd per month. It’s not guaranteed! Nonetheless, you still might want to give writing for the site a try.

I recommend writing for Hubpages if you like writing for the fun of it. If you want to earn hundreds per month, then Hubpages probably isn’t your best bet, unless you’re prepared to put in tons of effort. Good luck if you decide to join the site.


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