Is Lucktastic A Scam: My Thoughts & Opinion

Lucktastic is a popular app, which you’ve probably heard of if you’re been researching apps to use to make some money. But, is Lucktastic a scam? If you want to find out what I think about this app and whether or not I recommend using it, then read on.

What Is Lucktastic & Signing Up

From the site’s FAQ’s page, they describe themselves as a way to win real prizes, which includes gift cards and cash. You win cash and cards by scratching virtual cards.

You do need to provide your zip code because you have to confirm that you are a resident of the United States. On top of that, the app wants you to share your location with it.

Does It Cost Anything

Nope, it’s free. You do have to download the Lucktastic app, watch some adverts before you can scratch off a card. Don’t forget, the app needs to make money somehow, so what better way than to serve its users advertisements? This isn’t uncommon for apps, games and what not.

How It Works & Making Money

In short, you scratch cards via your phone. before you can access the scratch-offs, you watch an ad. If you match the symbols on the card, you win.

Your stack of cards reset the following morning at five. If you manage to scratch all your virtual cards in a single day, then you’ll need to wait until the next morning to do it all over again.

When you join Lucktastic, you’ll be able to learn about the rules and how to redeem anything you may win. But, the above is the gist of things.

Is Lucktastic A Waste Of Time

Personally, I think using Lucktastic is a waste of time because the time and effort you’re putting into playing games is time and effort that could have gone on something more productive. By productive, I mean doing something that could have actually earned you some income or get you a step closer towards earning an income. Sure, Lucktastic doesn’t charge you anything, but your time is one of your most valuable assets, if that makes sense.

With Lucktastic, you’re actually banking on luck to possibly win something. On that note, I wouldn’t count on luck being able to win/earn you hundreds every month from Lucktastic. Heck, I doubt you’ll even earn $100 per month on a consistent basis.

That is just my opinion. I’m not knocking the site or saying it’s bad or that Lucktastic is a scam or anything like that. I actually think this about most similar websites.

Note: You might think spending 10-30 minutes daily on the site is nothing to sweat, but I’m a firm believe in every minute counts. That 30 or so minutes could have been spent doing something far more productive. Once again, that’s only my opinion.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to just have a bit of fun, then no the Lucktastic app isn’t a waste of time. If you’re looking to make consistent money, then yes it is a waste of time because THIS ISN’T WHY THE APP WAS CREATED.

So, Is Lucktastic A Scam

Nah, it’s not a scam. It is a legit app and easy to use. It won’t take long to get used to it. As previously mentioned, you only have a chance to win money and I think the time spent playing games via Lucktastic could be spent doing other productive things.

Complaints By People

If you go to Lucktastic’s Facebook page, which has over two million people on it, you’ll notice there are a few complaints. It seems these complaints center around not being able to redeem their tokens for gift cards.

My Final Thoughts

Although I personally don’t think Lucktastic is a scam, I still don’t recommend it to those looking to make daily income online. Heck, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking to make a few dollars per month.

However, it’s free to download and use. If you’re adamant about trying Lucktastic, then download it and try it. But don’t spend too much time on it if your goal is to actually earn cash online on a regular basis.

Good luck if you decide to give Lucktastic a try.




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