Is PGI Global A Scam: Should You Give It A Go

Is PGI Global just another bitcoin trading scam? Can you really make easy money on a daily basis with PGI? Before you put up your cash, make sure you read this article. You’ll learn what PGI Global is, and whether or not it’s a scam.

What Is PGI Global & How You Make Money: What They Say

According to the company’s Facebook page, they are a company that manages their members Bitcoin currencies. It goes onto say they manage and market members’ Bitcoins on a single platform, and they use a cryptocurrency system. On their website, the company isn’t clear about what they are. It actually doesn’t mention anything about managing Bitcoin or the use of a cryptocurrency system.

According to the company’s website, members can make money via daily trading commissions, retail products or network marketing.

The reality is it appears that the company is more of a Bitcoin/crypto MLM company.

The Good

At the time of this writing, you need a minimum of $100 to get started. On top of the amount you pay to get started, you will also pay a yearly membership fee of nineteen dollars. The cheapest package (I’ll explain this later on) you can purchase is one-hundred dollars. Not only that but it’s relatively easy to get started, and they operates on a global scale.

To sum up the above, the good points of are:

. Low cost to get started

. Easy to get going

. Operates globally

Note: Just because PGI Global has paid out to their members (in the past) does not mean they are not running a scam. Even if every single person was still currently being paid on time every time still does not mean PGI Global is a legit company.

The Bad

. Can’t Withdrawal Daily Profit- It’s odd that you can’t withdraw your profits on a daily basis, or whenever you want for that matter. If PGI Global is truly using your funds to trade on your behalf, then why can’t you withdraw your profits, when you actually make a profit? In my opinion, this is a red flag and I would like to know the answer to this question.

Note: You can withdraw your profits on a weekly basis, but only a certain amount.

. Can’t Actually See Your Trades- Another odd thing is you can’t actually see the trades PGI Global supposedly makes on your behalf. If you did things on your own and traded BTC on a traditional trading platform (Robinhood, eToro etc. . .), then you would see every single trade you have made. PGI Global doesn’t show you this. Maybe this will change in the future, but at the time of this writing you don’t get to see when your trades were made, at what price BTC was bought at, sold at and all that other good stuff.

. Uses A BTC Trading Bot- I know BTC and crypto trading bots exist. I’m generally not a fan of using any kind of bot to do my trading (be it crypto, currency or stocks). However, there’s no shortage of bots you can actually see doing their work live. Once again, you get to actually see your trades being made in real-time. Well, PGI Global doesn’t let you see their trading bot in action. I wonder why this is? 

Social Media Red Flags

On Facebook, there used to be a ton more negative comments from people claiming they were experiencing payment issues. Well, those comments seem to be far and few between because PGI now limits who can comment on their Facebook Posts. It also appears that PGI deleted a lot of negative comments from their Facebook Page.

On Twitter, there are still a number of comments complaining about not being paid by PGI. Meanwhile, on YouTube PGI has disabled the ability to leave comments on their videos.

When it comes to the company’s social media, there are plenty of red flags. Unfortunately (and in my personal opinion), it really does look like the company is trying to suppress any comments that mention they haven’t been paid.

Final Verdict: Tread Carefully

At the time of this writing, you need to tread carefully if you’re thinking about joining up with PGI Global. There’s more than a handful of people complaining about not being paid.

Do I Recommend PGI Global

Long story short, I don’t recommend becoming a member. That’s how I feel at the time of this writing and if I change my mind, then I’ll update this article or I’ll create a new one.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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