Is Verblio (Formerly Bloggmutt) A Scam: Read This Before Trying To Write For Them

Is Verblio a scam? Should you try writing for them? If you’re a writer or want to be a writer, then you might want to consider giving Verblio a try. Before you do anything, check out the rest of my article. I’ll give you my thoughts and opinions about Verblio.

What Is Verbilo

It used to be called Bloggmutt, and it is an article writing service/marketplace. Clients join the site, order content and then review articles from a number of writers before choosing which ones they want to accept. More on that a bit later. In short, you can signup for Verbilo, write articles and possibly earn money.

The Good

Some of the best things about Verbilo are:

  • High earning potential 
  • Plenty of potential work 
  • Legit

You do have the potential to earn quite a bit for your articles, if customers buy them. If your articles are constantly being purchased, then you could probably easily earn hundreds per month. What you can make depends on how many articles are accepted and what your writer level is. For example, if you’re at the lowest level and come across a 300-400 word article being requested, then you could easily earn around $10 if your article is accepted.

Finding jobs on Verblio is easy. When I tested the site out, even when it was still Bloggmutt, there was and still is plenty of work available. Don’t mistake this as being a guaranteed way of making money!

Finally, it’s legit. Verblio isn’t a scam and what they say they are is exactly what they are. As long as you join Verblio knowing full well how they work, then you’ll be more prepared for how the site works and what not.

The Not So Good

Ok, now let’s dive into the stuff that isn’t so good about Verblio. This includes:

  • Write an article/articles that might not be approved 
  • Competing against other writers 
  • Lots of reasons they can restrict or suspend your account

I don’t like that you can write a full length article and not have it approved. This is normal for all writing sites, but it looks like there is a higher chance of it happening at Verblio than other sites. In the next paragraph, I’ll explain why.

You basically compete against other writers. You write up a full length article for a customer, they review some of the article before deciding to buy it. Nothing wrong with that, but there may be several other articles they can look at, which reduces your article’s chances of being approved. This is good for the customer, but not good for writers.

Finally, there are a lot of reasons they can restrict or suspend your account. I mean check out this page and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Some of these reasons are completely valid and understandable, while others just make Verblio seem overly strict, if that makes sense.

Is Verblio A Scam

Nope, it’s not a scam at all. I’m just not a huge fan of the way they work, in regard to how writers work. While the income potential is very high, the chances of having articles not accepted by customers are also very high.

Thoughts, Tips & Advice

My thoughts on Verblio is that it’s a decent site to join if you don’t mind following rigorous writing rules and being faced with the likelihood your content will not be accepted by many clients. My advice is to join Verblio, find a few customers to write for and wait and see if your articles are approved. I suggest writing 5-6 articles and see how many of them are approved before deciding to continue to write for Verblio.

I say go ahead and give Verblio a try. It’s free to apply, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be accepted as a writer. Just go in it with the mindset that if things work out, then they workout; If they don’t work out, then they don’t work out. This may prevent some major disappointment if things don’t go your way. Good luck if you decide to try to write for Verblio.


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