Jan. 10th: 3 Writing/Marketing Remote Jobs Hiring Right Now

Do you have decent writing skills? How about marketing skills? Maybe these remote jobs that are hiring right now will interest you:

1. Bustle: Movies Writer

Buslte is an extremely popular entertainment-focused website that receives millions and millions of page views every single month. They are currently seeking a movies writer. If you’re a fan of the latest movies or movies in general, this remote writing job could be for you.

Prospective writers will have an array of responsibilities. Bustle describes these as pitching ideas and writing assigned movies stories. Other responsibilities includes writing within Bustle’s guidelines and style, as well as attending screenings and doing interviews, but they do say ” when possible.”

Requirements for this remote writing job includes being able to work remotely at least twice per week. Bustle also wants you to have a degree in communications, journalism or something related. What’s not surprising is they want prospective writers to have an interest in movies.

As for pay, it wasn’t mentioned in their ad. Bustle is popular and receives a lot of traffic. This may mean they pay well, but I can’t say for sure how much Bustle pays for this position.

If you want to apply for the movies writer remote position, you can do it here.

2. Action Verb: Marketing Content Creator

Action Verb is looking for a marketing content creator. According to Action Verb, if you’re hired for this remote writing position, then you’ll be in charge of deciding what to write, what publishing platform you’ll use and who you will feature. Action Verb even goes as far as saying you won’t be micro-managed, which is appealing!

The company is looking for someone with a proven track record. According to Action Verb, you should have written various blog-type or marketing, brochure content within the software niche or the high-tech niche. If you’re wrote up case studies for the purpose of selling high-tech products or software, then this counts as having a track record.

I’m not sure what the exact pay you’ll receive, but Action Verb does say it offers competitive salaries. It also mentions that you’ll receive a signing bonus of $2,500, which you can put towards your home office. Furthermore, if you quit within your first 90 days of being hired, then you’ll receive a quitting bonus of $7,500, according to Action Verb.

If you want to apply for this remote writing position with Action Verb, then do it here.

3. iBus Media: SEO Content Writer

A company called iBUS is looking for a remote-based SEO content writer. They describe themselves as one of the leading companies within the iGaming industry. They want writers who can create articles for various sites and on different topics.

They want prospective writers to create content in French, Arabic and Finnish. Italian, Portuguese Brazil, German and Romanian, as well as Portuguese Portugal are other languages they want. If you can create high quality content in those languages, then you might want to apply for the SEO content writer position.

The company didn’t mention anything about how much you’ll be paid. If you want to apply for this position, then head over here to apply.

I know there might be a ton of other people applying for the above remote jobs, but don’t be discouraged or demotivated by that. If you don’t apply, then you have absolutely no shot at landing any of the above jobs. At least you have a chance by applying! Good luck if you apply for any or all of the above jobs. Make sure you visit my website regularly because I plan on publishing similar articles!


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