Jan. 20th: 3 Writing Jobs In Charlotte NC

About a week ago, I posted a few remote writing jobs available. Well, this week I’ve come across three more online writing jobs in Charlotte NC. Below are the three jobs, as well as a little about about them.

1. Townsquare Interactive

Townsquare Interactive is advertising that it’s looking for a website content writer. The company belongs to Townsquare Media Group, which is a company that provides digital marketing, media and entertainment services. The group owns and operates various types of properties, including live event, radio and digital properties.


According to Townsquare Interactive, this writing job in Charlotte NC will include writing 2,000-3,000 words of content each day. You’ll have to stay up to date with SEO best practices, follow a style guideline and use SEO keywords when creating content.


Townsquare Interactive wants you to have a bachelor’s degree, prove that you can follow style guidelines in a consistent manner and have basic knowledge of SEO writing and keyword research. Writers need to be able to multi-task and meet deadlines.

How Much Will You Get Paid & How To Apply

I couldn’t find anything about pay in Townsquare’s ad. If you still want to apply to be a writer for Townsquare Interactive in Charlotte NC, then apply here.

2. Barings

Barings has listed a writing job in Charlotte NC; More specifically they are looking for an investment writer. Do you enjoy creating investment-related content? Do you consider yourself an expert in the niche? If so, then you might want to apply for this writing job.

The Job Role

According to their job listing, the writer will create investment-related content including sponsored articles, blog posts, Q&S’s, social media posts and podcasts to name a few. Barings also says the writer will work with a marketing team to launch various ways to communicate with it’s audience.


Barings want you to have 3-5 years experience writing investment-type of content. They prefer you to have a bachelor’s degree in something like finance, English or journalism. Also, they want the prospective writer to be self-motivated and they have to be a hard worker.

The Pay & Applying

Barings didn’t mention anything about pay. I have no clue what they are paying. If you still want to apply to be an investment writer for Barings, then apply here.

3. Honeywell

Honeywell is searching for a brand journalist in downtown Charlotte NC. More specially, they’re looking for a newsroom coordinator and lead writer.

The Job

The job responsibilities is quite extensive. It includes working with teams to come up with ideas, as well as working with a graphic designer on editing photos for stories.


Basically, they want you to have two or more years of experience with brand journalism, as well as two or more years of experience with Adobe AEM, Spredfast and other types of enterprise management systems. They also want prospective writers to be fluent in English.

The Pay & Applying

This is another writing job in Charlotte NC that didn’t mention anything about pay. Feel free to contact them and ask them how much they pay for this role. If interested in applying, you can apply here.

Looking to land a writing job in Charlotte NC? If so, then look into applying for the ones discussed above. Who knows, one of those companies may take you aboard as a writer and you’ll be well on your own to earning some money. Good luck if you decide to apply for any of them.


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