Let’s Talk About Clinical Studies For Money

Are paid clinical studies actually a decent way to make money? You do know this is a way to earn, right? I’ll briefly explain what clinical studies are, what they entail, info about how much you can earn and considerations. By the end of this article, you can decide whether or not to take part in clinical studies for money.

What Are Paid Clinical Studies

Clinical studies can be best described as studies that involve testing out treatment or carry out research or observations. For example, if there is new potential treatment for an illness that needs to be tested out, then it would be tested out in a clinical study or a series of studies. Paid clinical studies would compensate those who volunteer their time in order to take part in the study. That is the short explanation of what a clinical study is. 

What Do They Entail 

Paid clinical studies involve getting paid, obviously. It also involves undertaking various tasks and sticking to a regime that the researchers put you on. For example, a clinical study may require you to stay overnight at a facility or spend several nights at a facility; And getting up at a specific time, eating at a specific time and providing researchers with blood samples. If the study involves an experimental drug, you will be required to consume it, or you’ll be part of a group that takes a placebo.

After completing the study, you post-visits may be required. Studies might be broken down into segmented visits too.

Do bear in mind that when you do clinical studies for money, the exact things you’ll be doing depends on various factors. The type of study it is, the length and the environment you’ll be doing the study in will all play a role. But, the above should give you some sort of idea of what to expect.

How Much Money Can You Make 

Some paid clinical studies pay a few hundred dollars, while others pay in the thousands. Generally speaking studies that require overnight stays tend to pay more than studies that don’t require you to stay overnight or extensive travelling. As for when you get paid, this all depends on who is doing the study.

In some cases, you’ll be paid in full at the end of the study. If you have to make visits to a facility throughout the course of a few months, then you might be paid in installments. Don’t worry because if you were accepted to take part in a clinical study for money, then you’ll know more about how much you’ll get and when you’ll get it.


In my opinion, there are three major considerations. The first one is your health. Sometimes paid clinical studies require you to take experimental drugs, which means there are potential side effects you might experience. If you do not want to put your health at risk and have zero chance of experiencing any negative side effects, then don’t take part in a clinical study that requires you to take something.

Second, travelling might be an issue. If you have to travel far for the study, then this might pose a problem. The number of trips you have to make back and forth might be a deal-breaker for you.

Lastly, overnight stays have to be taken into consideration. Are you willing to remain at a facility for days or possibly weeks on end? If so, then this really isn’t an issue for you.

What Do I Think About Clinical Studies For Money 

In short, I don’t think paid clinical studies are for everyone. Nonetheless, it is a quick way to make cash and it’s an easy way. Just make sure you are fully aware of the potential risks involved with the study you’re thinking of doing. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.

Where To Find Paid Clinical Studies

The internet, classifies section of newspapers and drug companies websites are a few of the best places to find clinical studies that pay. Do bear in mind that the number of studies available to you depends on your health and location, as well as other factors.

Resources To Help You Find Clinical Studies For Money

Below are a few resources you can check out if you’re interested in volunteering for a clinical study that pays. These resources include: 


. New Haven CRU

. Clinical Trials NYC

. Center Watch Los Angeles

. Covance

Those are only five of the many resources out there. Those should serve as a good starting point for people looking for clinical studies that pay.

Do you want to take part in clinical studies for money? It’s completely up to you, but do remember the considerations I previously discussed. The choice is up to you, but me personally would think twice about doing one. It really depends on what kind of study it is and what’s involved.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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  1. Hello. This is another appealing way of making money. I am interested in it but I have concerns on the possible effect on my health due to the potential side effects of experimental drugs. I would like to know if there are any insurance packages against the side effects and or compensation involved. 

  2. I think paid clinical studies is a risky way to earn money. You’ll literally be used as a lab rat by the medical practitioners, and most times there could be adverse effects of your medication on you.

    Although, quick money can be made from programs like this, but I really think it’s not worth the risk. Having to limit your life to suit their routines will be stressful in the long run, especially if you are restricted to a controlled diet.

    Thanks for the information, I know people would find this very helpful.

  3. As a means of earning some cool cash , clinical studies could as well carry its own risk. As protected as the subjects could be its worth getting involved with if not for the money also for the self satisfaction of helping the growth of medical sciences. I really like this topic and its an insightful one.

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