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Looking for a way to write for money on the internet? One site you might be interested in giving a try is WhatCulture. What exactly is it and how much can you make? I understand you have tons of questions, so read on and I’ll do my best to cover as much as I can about WhatCulture.

What Is WhatCulture

WhatCulture is a website that covers pretty much anything entertainment. This includes articles about movies, WWE, gaming, sports and things of that nature. The site is based in the UK and millions of users around the world visits the site on a monthly basis.

Signing Up

The sign up process isn’t that bad. It all starts by entering your email address and providing your name. You’ll be sent a confirmation email, followed by a link to create a password and then you’ll be taken to your dashboard.

This is where you can start creating articles. Bear in mind that your articles are not guaranteed to be approved.


WhatCulture is based in the UK, so it makes sense that they pay in Pounds. As of this writing, you’ll be paid £0.50 for every 1,000 views. You only get paid for your articles when they are pitched and approved. Generally speaking, only articles that are published have the chance to earn you money.

As for when you get paid, articles that receive a fixed rate will be paid within a few days of the next month. For example, if you published a few articles in January, then you’ll be paid at the start of February. For variable articles, it’s a bit different, but you still will have a bit of a waiting period.

Topics You Can Write About

You can get paid to write various types of articles, mainly ones that fall within the categories of gaming, conics, TV, film and wrestling. However, according to WhatCulture you can pitch your own ideas, but this doesn’t mean they’ll give you the go ahead to create content for those ideas.

Pitching Articles

After you join WhatCulture and set everything up, you can click on the link that lets you pitch articles. After you submit your pitch, eventually someone from the site will give you the go ahead or they’ll tell you they aren’t interested. WhatCulture says writers can pitch as often as they wish. However, they make it clear that it’s up to their editorial team if a pitch gets approved or not.

It’s worth pointing out that WhatCulture also makes it clear that they only publish “the best possible content.” To me, this sounds like you’ll struggle to get articles approved and published, but that’s just my opinion. You might get every single pitch approved, some of them approved or all of them may be rejected. Who knows.

Should You Write Articles For WhatCulture

I say you have nothing to lose except a bit of time and effort. Pitch a few articles, see if they are accepted; Write and then see if your article/articles are approved. If approved, wait to see how much you earn and if it doesn’t seem feasible, then don’t waste your time and move onto something else. It’s that simple.

My Opinion

WhatCulture looks like a decent place to get paid to write, but I’m not a big fan of sites that pay per thousand views and that are revenue sharing sites, which essentially what WhatCulture is. It’s nothing against WhatCulture or other sites like it, but I just don’t see writers making thousands or even hundreds per month with them.

I can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted as a writer for WhatCulture or you’ll make any money at all. But, it doesn’t hurt to try and it shouldn’t take you long to figure out whether or not writing or trying to write for WhatCulture is worth it. Give it a try and see what happens.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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