Make Money Selling Tires: Open A ‘Big O Tires’ Store

Businessmen/businesswomen, investors, experienced tire shop managers and/or retail managers are a few types of people who might be interested in opening a tire store. You might be someone who simply wants to make money selling tires or you want to be your own boss. If so, then opening up a tire franchise might be for you.

‘Big O Tires’ is a well-known tire franchisor in North America. In fact, they are among the largest tire franchisors in the region.

So, what the are reasons you should become a Big O Tires franchisee? What are the pros and cons associated with this franchisor? Read on to find this out, and more.

Brief Info About Big O Tires

The company has been around since the early 60s, which is a good sign because you don’t stay in business for over 50 years if you’re not good at what you’re doing. At the time of this writing, the company has over 400 locations across North America.

The key takeaways:

. Been around since the early 60s

. Over 400 locations across North America

. Offers an array of services

Net Worth & Cash: What’s Required To Become A Big O Tires Franchisee

If you want to make money selling tires as a Big O Tires franchisee, then you need to be prepared to invest a total of at least $333K (at the time of this writing). On the high end, you’ll need a total of $1.4 million. Additionally, you need to have a net worth of $300K and $100K of cash on hand. But the bottom line is you’ll need a ton of money to run your own Big O Tires store.

To sum up the above:

. Total Initial investment: $333K (at the minimum) to $1.4M (on the high end)

. Net worth required: $300K

. Cash on hand required: $100K

. Franchise fee: $35K

. Royalties: 3.5% to 5%

If you got the net worth, cash, and the drive, then opening up a Big O Tires might be for you.

Available Markets: Potential Locations

As for which markets are available to open up a franchise, there are a few. At the time of this writing, the available markets (in the United States) are as followed:

Many Markets Available









Potential Growth States








Limited Availability





Here is a link that leads to a full list of available markets.

You would have to take a look at the available markets, and then do a deep dive into the markets that interest you the most. Just don’t try to get into any market just for the sake of it. If Big O Tires has a team to assist you in choosing a market, then work alongside them to find and choose a market.

Big O Tires Franchise: The Pros

There’s a lot of pros:

. A Designated Territory: There will be no other Big O locations within a 2-mile radius of your location.

. Purchasing Power: You’re able to set competitive prices.

. Well-Known Brand Name: The company is actually quite known in the tire industry. This is good news for franchisees.

. Assistance With Marketing: You receive marketing assistance.

. Preopening Training: The company provides you with preopening training, as well as support for however long you keep the business for.

Those are the key pros. It appears that the company does want their franchisees to succeed, and the preopening training and assistance with marketing are two major pluses.

Big O Tires Franchise: The Cons

To be honest, there’s not many cons. The only main one is:

. The Requirements: As previously mentioned you need a bit of cash on hand and you need to have a reasonable net worth. Not everyone can meet those kind of requirements.

But bear in mind that many franchise opportunities out there require fees, net worth requirements and so on. Plus, it’s worth pointing out you would likely be shelling out a lot of money if you were to launch a tire store from scratch.

Where Can You Learn More

If you’re interested in launching a tire store under the Big O brand, then you can check out the following link: Learn More Here

When you click the link, you can fill out a form to request more info or you can let the company know you’re ready to open your own location. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to run your own business and/or you’re familiar with the tire industry and want to launch your own tire store, then going the franchise route might be for you. But, do as much research as possible into Big O Tires franchise opportunity before you make a decision.


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