Make Money With Boost Mobile’s Affiliate Program

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Boost Mobile is a well-known wireless service provider. What many people may not know is that the company allows people the chance to earn cash.

That’s right, you can make money with Boost Mobile. One of the ways to do this is by joining the company’s affiliate program. 

Are you interested in learning more? If so, then read on, and then you can decide whether or not you should give the affiliate program a go.

What Is Boost Mobile

Mobile phone

Before jumping into how you can make money with them, let’s go over a few stuff:

About The Company

The company provides wireless services. They are owned by Dish Wireless. Boost Mobile’s products and services can be purchased online, but they do have many physical locations across the United States. Their services and products are also available at select retailers.

It’s also worth pointing out that they have been around for a very long time. More specifically, they launched in 2001, which means they have been in business for nearly 22 years.


Boost sells an array of phones. This includes phones from leading brands such as:

  • Apple
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • TCL
  • Motorola 
  • And more

Those are only a few brands they carry. It’s worth mentioning that the company is constantly introducing new mobile devices to its stock.


There are several plans for consumers to choose from. Different plans come with different features. For the record, Boost Mobile’s plans are extremely competitive, and they are worth their prices.

How To Make Money With Boost Mobile

There are two ways to make money with Boost Mobile. The first way is via its affiliate program. The second way is through its retailer opportunities. Here’s a quick rundown on each way:

. Affiliate Program- You make money when people buy Boost Mobile’s products via your affiliate links.

. Retailer Opportunity- You run your own Boost Mobile store, selling the company’s products.

We’ll go over the retailer opportunity a bit later on. For now, let’s go into more depth into the company’s affiliate program.

The Best Things About Boost Mobile’s Affiliate Program

Best things about Boost Mobile's affiliate program

You can earn up to $20 per order. This isn’t too bad, but you will likely need a large volume of traffic clicking on your affiliate link on a regular basis, if you are hoping to make full-time income with the program. The more people check out what you’re promoting, the more of a chance you have of making sales.

Also, you get access to good marketing materials. The materials can help you land sales. Not only that, but Boost Mobile is a relatively well-known name in the industry, and their products are actually good.

To sum up the above, the best things about Boost Mobile’s affiliate program are:

  • Up to $20 per order
  • Marketing materials
  • Good products
  • Well-known brand

Joining The Affiliate Program

Signing up for the affiliate program is easy. You fill out a short application form, and then the company will review it. They’ll let you know whether or not your application is approved. If it’s approved, then you’ll be good to go. On that note, the link to join the program is: signup here

Why Should You Choose Boost Mobile’s Affiliate Program

There are tons of reasons, but for me the main reason is the products. Boost Mobile is (in my opinion) offers quality phones, accessories and what not. In the prepaid phone industry, Boost easily ranks among the best of them.

And the company’s affiliate program isn’t too bad. The commissions could be higher, but up to $20 per sale isn’t horrible. If you had a large audience you could reach regularly, then it’s highly possible to earn some decent money from the program.

Tips For Making Money With Boost Mobile

What I’m about to tell you is pretty common stuff, but these tips can actually be very effective:

1. Start A Website Or Use Existing Site

The first thing you need is a website. If you have an existing website, then you’re off to a good start, as long as you think your audience would potentially be interested in seeing Boost Mobile ads. If you start a website from scratch, then consider starting a site that is relevant to mobile phones. Think:

  • Mobile news 
  • Reviews of mobile companies
  • Tech
  • And so forth

2. Build Out Social Media

Next tip is to build out your social media profiles. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose three social media platforms to focus on. For example:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 

Build your following on each of those sites. As you build your following, you’ll want to share links back to your website and articles on your site. As time goes by, you could end up with a decent amount of traffic from your three chosen social media profiles.

3. Create Videos

Third tip is to create videos. Be it Reels, Shorts, TikToks, just create videos and include a link back to your website. Be as creative as you want with your videos, but do your best to make them relevant to your website or the articles you’ll link to. Videos have and will always be a powerful form of marketing.

That’s it. Basic tips, but tips that can actually work if you’re consistent.

Bonus: Make Money With Boost Mobile’s Retailer Opportunity

I’ll keep this one short, but Boost Mobile does have a retailer opportunity. Long story short, this involves putting up a lot of cash, and then running your own Boost Store.

This article is more about the company’s affiliate program than it is about the retailer opportunity. But, if you can afford to launch your own Boost Mobile store, and you’re actually passionate about mobile devices and/or the mobile industry, then you might want to look into this.

Final Thoughts: Give The Affiliate Or Retail Opportunity A Try

I highly recommend giving Boost Mobile’s affiliate program and/or retailer opportunity a try. The company’s products are really good, and joining the affiliate program is completely free. With a large selection of devices and accessories, as well as affordable plans, Boost Mobile offers you lots of chances to make money.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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