Make Money Writing For The Blogsmith

You can make money writing for The Blogsmith. Before you attempt to become a writer for them, you’ll want to know a few things. This includes a little info about the company, whether it’s legit, how much you can earn, the types of articles you’ll be writing and how to apply.

What Is The Blogsmith And Are They Legit

They are an SEO content writing agency. They create content for companies and brands, especially B2B technology brands. According to the company’s website, their clients usually fall under the financial niche, B2B tech SaaS niche and/or small business & eCommerce niche.

As for whether or not the company is a scam, the answer is no. The Blogsmith is 100% legitimate. You won’t have to worry about being scammed or anything like that.

How Much Can You Make

The starting rate for writers is $0.12/word. That’s actually really good, and it equates to $60 for a 500 word article. That is just the starting rate. As time goes by, a writer’s rate could increase.

Bear in mind how much money you make does largely depend on how many articles The Blogsmith provides you. The more work you complete, the more you’ll make.

Types Of Articles You’ll Write

The Blogsmith works with many types of clients. But, as previously mentioned, it appears that B2B technology clients. However, there are lots of different types of articles you could be writing. On the company’s website there is a portfolio section filled with all sorts of articles across topics such as:

. Business management
. Finance
. Marketing
. Security
. Technology
. Telehealth
. Web design & web development
. Payroll
. Sales

Those are a handful of topics that you could be writing about if you’re taken onboard as a writer.

The Pros & Cons Of Writing For The Blogsmith

The Pros

. Good pay
. Write articles on various topics

The Cons

. You’ll need to have excellent writing skills
. Be prepared to conduct extensive research

Those are the main pros and cons of writing for the company. There are a few others, but those are the key ones.

Reviews: What Do Others Say About The Blogsmith

I can’t really find many reviews from writers who currently write for or have wrote for the company. There are a handful of testimonials on the company’s website, but other than that I can’t really find many.

A Little About The Position

If you’re taken on as a writer, then you’ll be classed as a freelance writer. Also, the position is remote. You can work from wherever you want.

Tips For Applying

Create a portfolio. As part of the application process, the company asks if you would like to provide a link to your portfolio. This is not a requirement, but I do think having a writing portfolio doesn’t hurt. Other than that there are not any tips I can currently think of when it comes to applying to become a writer with The Blogsmith.

How To Apply

If you’re interested in applying, then apply at the below link:

Apply Here

Final Thoughts

The Blogsmith is a great place to write for, but be prepared to put in your best work if your application is accepted. For the kind of money they pay writers, you can bet they are expecting nothing but the best.

Good luck if any of you who decide to apply.


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