Make Money Selling Usborne Books: Can You Actually Make Cash

Over in the United Kingdom, Usborne Books has a major presence. In America, they still have a big footprint, but not nearly as big as in the UK; That is for now, as the company continues to grow. If you’re here wanting to learn more about Usborne Books- more specifically how to to make money and how the business model works-, then continue to read on.

What Is Usborne Books

Usborne Publishing (commonly called Usborne Books) is a children’s books publishing company. It’s based in the United Kingdom and it was founded in 1973 by Peter Usborne. The company has a team of in-house designers, writers and editors. One of the ways these books are sold is via multi-level marketing.

Making Money As A Usborne Book Seller

You basically have two main ways to make money with the company. There’s the direct sales approach and the whole “building a team” approach. The latter is the “MLM” part of the business.

1. Direct Sales

You can make money via direct sales. I won’t go into too much detail about each method; The short story is you can earn via:

. Home shows

. School & library shows

. Website sales

. Direct sales

. Book fairs

In regards to the above, some of those ways do require you to meet a certain dollar amount in sales volume in order to make commissions. For example, you’ll earn 25% commissions from home shows, if you sell at least $85 worth of books.

2. Building A Team (MLM)

You can recruit others to sell books. However, the people you recruit will have to sell a certain dollar amount of books in order to make money off of their sales. At the time of this writing, you earn 4% if your recruit generates $350 in sales. There are opportunities to earn more from your downline, but the bottom line is the more people you recruit, the more chances you have of making money. This is pretty much the case with just about any other MLM company.

Selling Usborne Books: Is It Worth It

Personally, I’m not big on most MLM opportunities, but some people are. There are people who might say selling Usborne books is worth it, while others might say it’s not really worth it.

It’s worth it if you have a passion or highly interested in selling kids’ books, as well as a knack for sales/marketing. If you don’t have a passion or even remotely interested in selling kids’ books, then it’s probably not worth it. The bottom line is to sell stuff you actually believe in, like, interested in etc. . . .This goes for anything and with any company.

4 More Things To Know Before Becoming An Usborne Book Seller

And now, here are four fast things to know before you decide to become an Usborne book seller:

1. There Are Startup Costs: You’ll have to pay money to join. At the time of this writing, you have to purchase one of two kits. One kit is $75 and the other kit is $125. The former allows you to sell 10 titles, while the latter allows you to sell 20 titles. If you wish, you can upgrade both kits in order to have access to additional titles.

2. Been In Business For A Longtime: Usborne Books has been in business for a longtime. More specifically, they’ve been around for over 40 years; It was launched back in 1973.

3. You Probably Won’t Earn Much: Let’s keep this short, you probably won’t earn much. Kids books can be purchase lots of places, and at rock bottom prices. You may struggle to find people to sell Usborne Books to.

4. UNPOPULAR OPINION (MY OPINION): You Do Not Own A Business As An Usborne Seller: This is a big one and it’s an unpopular opinion, but nonetheless it’s my opinion. When you become an Usborne Books seller, you don’t run your own business. I know, I know; Some people liken MLM opportunities to the franchise-business model, but in my opinion you don’t truly run a business when you jump on any MLM “opportunity”.

Final Verdict: Usborne Books Is NOT A SCAM

Usborne isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I will say that in my opinion Usborne is not a scam. Just because someone doesn’t like the MLM (I’m not a fan of most MLMs) business model does not automatically mean all MLM companies are scams. Although many are, Usborne Books is not among the scammy companies, in my opinion.

The payouts are legit and the products are legit. The company has been around for decades and the customer support seems good. As an MLM company, Usborne has shown some serious longevity.

It’s up to you if you want to give Usborne Books a try. However, don’t expect to get rich or make a full-time income from it anytime soon. Could it happen? Of course, anything is possible but I think most MLM companies’ opportunities aren’t worth pursuing because of the low chances of actually making serious full-time income.

Do I Recommend Becoming An Usborne Books Seller: No I Don’t

Honestly, I don’t recommend becoming an Usborne Books seller unless you (as previously mentioned) have a strong interest in selling kids books and you’re good at direct sales or don’t mind honing your sales/marketing/outreach skills.

Personally, I’m just not a huge fan of MLM “opportunities”. But, if you do decide to become a seller, then I wish you luck and hope you do well.


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