Making Money via Paid Market Research Opportunities: What You Should Know

Do you want to get paid for taking part in market research opportunities? A lot of people confuse market research with surveys, but there are key differences between the two. Before getting into that, let’s talk about what paid market research opportunities are, how to find them, how much you could end up making and other useful information.

What Is Paid Market Research

It’s when you take part in a questionnaire, in-person interview, phone survey or something else that is for market research. There are companies and third-parties that act on behalf of companies that conduct market research and they are willing to pay participates.

I don’t know if you ever hung out at malls when you were a kid or if you’re old enough to remember this: ‘You’d be walking around the mall and someone would approach you and ask you to take part in an interview or quick survey in exchange for something like a gift card’. Well, that was a form of market research.

Do bear in mind that you typically have to meet specific criteria in order to be part of a paid market research opportunity. This includes meeting age requirements, income requirements and regional (live within a certain region) requirements to name a few.

How To Find Paid Market Research Opportunities

You can find them via many ways, such as by browsing third-party sites that maintain a list of paid market or focus groups that paid. Sites like Craigslist and GreenBook Directory are good sources to turn to.

On that note, you can check out this page on my site. I plan on adding to it as time goes by. Feel free to check it regularly for paid market research opportunities you might be interested in.

Money: How Much Can You Make

This is a hard question to answer because there are just too many factors that come into play. Where you live, how far you’re willing to travel for paid market research opportunities, your age, race and income are just a few factors that determine your eligibility and earning potential. For example, some paid opportunities may require you to be an Asian male that lives in a specific major city that earns low six-figures in order to be eligible to participate. Do bear in mind that is an extreme example because I haven’t come across many paid market opportunities that require participates to be earning six-figures.

Furthermore, the company doing it factors into how much you can make. Whether you’re paid in cash or gift cards are two more factors. Obviously, you probably want to get paid in cash, but many people do prefer to be given items, products or gift cards.

That being said, you can find paid market research opportunities that easily pay between $10-$50 or more. That might seem like a lot; After-all, little amounts of money can add up to large amounts over time. But the thing is, is taking part in market research that pays consistent income? Let’s dive into that topic in the next section.

Is It Consistent Income

The short answer is no; Well, rarely will taking part in paid market research opportunities lead to consistent income. There are just way too many factors that determine how much you can make, but don’t count on banking consistent and reliable income with them. Instead, just do paid focus groups/market research opps. as a way to get your hands on pocket cash.

In order to make decent money regularly with market research, you’d have to participate in numerous market research opps. Finding these opportunities is easy, but finding enough that you qualify for is another story; That’s if you’re trying to turn this gig into full-time income or consistent income.

Should You Give Paid Market Research Opportunities A Try

I say why not because they are free to take part in or at least be screened for. The worse case scenario is you don’t get picked for research market gigs and the best case scenario is you get chosen and make a little extra money on the side. The absolutely best, best, best scenario is you get lucky and somehow get chosen for market research gigs regularly and turn it into reliable income (not likely to happen, in my opinion). But, in short I do say give it a go.

Are you interested in taking part in paid market research opportunities? If so, then go ahead and start looking for opportunities near you. Also, feel free to check out my list of market research companies that pay. I plan to add to that list regularly, so be sure to check out out often.


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