My Honest Review Of Blasting News USA

Are you thinking of writing for Blasting News USA? Maybe you’re searching for a way to write news articles online and get paid to do it. If so, make sure you read my review of this website. Afterwards, you can decide if you want to give this site a try.

What Is Blasting News

It’s a news website that allows people from around the world to write for them. You sign up for an account, and then you can create news articles once you’re given the ok. Articles are looked at by an editor before they are published.

Blasting News has different versions of the site, and Blasting News USA is the United States version. In order to write for it, you have to reside in America or be an American (from what I understand and gather, but I’m not 100% on this). I only say that because when I attempted to publish articles that mainly focused on news in other countries, I was told to write something news-related to the American crowd. This is totally understandable.

The site is actually quite popular. According to Alexa, its rank is currently 1,080. At one point, it was in the 200’s, but that is still an impressive rank. The bottom line is the news site gets plenty of traffic.

How Much Can You Make Writing News For Blasting

You can have dozens of articles publish and make a few pennies if you only received a few views. Blasting News USA is a pay-per-view site, so the more traffic your news articles receive, the more money you’ll make. Me personally, I’ve had articles that have earned nothing and I’ve had one article that earned around $100.

They used to have a rate table that explained how much they paid, and it used to state that the most an article could earn was $150. As of now, it appears the rate table page has been removed.

As I’ve said, your articles can earn nothing with no or very little views. Then again, they can earn quite a bit when you receive thousands of views.

Blasting News USA: The Pros & The Cons

There’s a lot of pros and cons of writing for the site. First I’ll cover the pros and then the cons:

The Pros

1. It’s Legit- The site is legit. They pay when they say they’re going to pay. At least that was my experience. There was a delay in payment, but it wasn’t a major delay or anything to be overly concerned about.

2. The Signup Process- The sign up process was a breeze. I can’t remember all of the process, but I do remember it was fast and easy. I had no issues signing up for an account with Blasting News.

3. The Money- I made money with Blasting News USA. Did I make thousands? No, but at one point I made a few hundred. However, I couldn’t justify putting in more time and effort for the amount I was making. Nonetheless, I still earned cash writing news articles for the site.

The Cons

1. Long Articles- You have to publish long articles. Articles has to be 2000 characters, which is only a few hundred words. However, some news pieces don’t have enough info to create an article that long. It would be great if the minimum character count was lowered by about 500-700 characters.

2. Articles Need Minimum Views- According to the site’s guide, your news articles must receive at least 150 views before it earns anything. If your articles receive less than 150 views, you won’t make anything.

3. No Guarantee Of Getting Published- Editors or reviews can reject your news articles outright. Personally, it happened to be once and that’s because I went to publish news that happened in another country. It wasn’t considered world news, it was local news in another country. Seeing that I was writing for Blasting News USA, I can see why they would reject the article.

Tips For Writing News Articles For Blasting News

1. Write 5-6 Articles Per Day- I found that when I was writing 5-6 articles daily, that at least one article would earn something. However, it got to the point when the views stopped coming in, so I halted writing for them. Maybe it was the topics I was choosing to write about or the fact that I rarely shared or promoted my articles.

2. Share- After you publish a news article, share it via social media. Blasting encourages this because views from social media pay the most. If you don’t really like sharing your articles via Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, then don’t worry. You’re not required to share your articles.

3. Try It For A Week- I suggest writing for Blasting News USA (if you’re eligible to write for the US version of the site) for a good week. Submit 5-6 articles per day and wait to see if they earn anything, if they become published. If they don’t, then stop writing for them. If they earn enough and you see potential, then go right ahead and continue to write for them.

Final Verdict

I personally like Blasting News USA. I don’t write for them anymore because it was more of an experiment. I wanted to give them a try to see if they were legit, and from what I experience, I say they are legit. I don’t think you can earn thousands and thousands writing news articles for Blasting, but a few hundred per month might be possible. Just be prepared to work very hard for it!

Blasting News USA isn’t too bad of a site, and I’ve never had any issues with writing for them or have had problems getting paid. Like I said before, writing for them was an experiment more than anything else.

As I said, it’s a PPV site, so if you don’t get a lot of traffic to your articles, then you won’t make a lot of money. It’s the nature of the beast, but I do think it’s an alright site to write news articles for.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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  1. I have personally never heard of blasting news USA until I came across your article. It’s an interesting concept, and could be a good source of online income.

    At the same time it sounds like a lot of work to only maybe get some money out of it. It’s to bad you’re only allowed a max of $150 because that could definitely make a difference.

  2. Interesting article. I had never heard of Blasting News before. Thanks for the information. I like how you listed the pros and the cons of writing for them. As with everything more views generally equals more money. I will have to check out your other articles. Look forward to reading them. Keep up the good work providing us with ways to make money online and offline.

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