My Review Of Beforthright: A Get Paid To Take Surveys Website

Are you looking to get paid to take surveys? If so, then you may or may not have heard of Beforthright. If you want to learn more about the site, then read on. I’ll do my best to explain what it is and then I’ll tell you whether or not you should give it a go.

What Is Beforthright

It is a survey site. You join it and then wait for them to have surveys you can take. If you complete surveys via Beforthright, then you’ll get paid. It’s as simple as that.

How Does Signing Up Work

Beforthright requires you to provide an email address, which you then have to verify. Then you can provide a phone number, which you can verify and will allow you to receive instant payments, according to Beforthright. After that, you complete your profile by answering a series of questions. In total, there’s 23 to answer. Once the questions have been answered, that’s it.

To sum up the above, the signup process involves:

  •  Confirming your email
  • Verifying your phone number
  • Completing a profile (Answer a over 20 questions)

    After you’ve answered your questions, you just have to wait until you’re matched with surveys. If you’re a match for surveys, then Beforthright will send you an email. Alternatively, you can log into your dashboard to see if any surveys are available.

    Getting Paid

    One of the things I like about Beforthright is the number of ways you can get paid. Heck, they even offer Bitcoin as an option (as of now), Amazon and Tango Card. And of course they offer PayPal. Best of all, if members meet criteria and their account has been verified, they can be paid instantly. And there are no minimum thresholds to meet.

    So, let’s say the site has a survey available. You take it and then you receive credit. Let’s say your reward was $2.00 and you hit the redeem button. After you do that, you’ll receive your payment virtually right away. At least that’s the case if you choose PayPal as your payout method.

    The key points mentioned above are:

    •  Can get paid via PayPal
    •  Instant payments
    • Yes, they do pay
    • No minimum threshold

    What Are Other People Saying About It

    I’ve come across dozens of reviews about Beforthright, and the majority seem to be positive in nature. Of course, there are negative reviews written about them. But, you can easily find negative reviews about any company, regardless of how great they are.

    Anyways, I didn’t come across too many that would cause concern. Personally, I’ve had a good experience using Beforthright, so I don’t have anything bad to say about them.

    Can You Actually Make Cash With Beforthright

    The short answer is yes, but don’t count on earning a ton of money. This is typically the case with any type of survey site. You can join the best survey site in the world and the chances are slim you won’t even clear $1K per month, unless you can make money referring other people to become members.

    Beforthright On Social Media

    Beforthright does have a social media presence. They have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile. At the time of this writing, it does’t appear that they are all that active. The last post on Facebook was made a few weeks ago, and on Twitter it’s been around a month. Personally, I don’t consider this a bad thing or anything like that. Some companies simply aren’t updating their Twitter and Facebook with daily or regular posts.

    My Personal Experience & Feelings About Beforthright

    Signing up was easy. It involved providing my email address, year of birth, a Zip Code and choosing the country I currently reside in. Beforthright asks for this so they can match members with research surveys.

    As for my personal feelings about the site, I didn’t mind it. Beforthright is easy to signup (when I did join awhile back) and the dashboard is clean and easy to navigate. Overall, it’s not a bad survey site, but like all survey sites (in my opinion) there is an issue with survey availability. This means the chances of you being able to do daily surveys AND make a few hundred per week are probably very slim.

    The bottom line is I was sent surveys, although not that frequently, and they were easy to take. Once I received credit, I was able to cashout and get paid instantly. If you’re looking to make a tiny amount of cash, then I say go ahead and give Beforthright a try. If you’re actually looking to make some serious income online, then survey sites in general probably aren’t the way to go.

    To sum up the above:

    • I was sent surveys, but not frequently
    • The surveys were relatively short
    • I was paid instantly
    • I do recommend giving Beforthright a shot

    Final Thoughts

    I don’t really have anything bad to say about Beforthright. I tried them, they paid and their surveys were easy and relatively quick to take. Personally, I find taking surveys daunting and not worth it, but a lot of people might.

    My final thought is Beforthright is a legit survey site that’s worth trying if you’re looking to earn a little bit of cash. Just don’t expect to earn hundreds per week, which is the case with pretty much all survey sites.


    I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

    Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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    1. In all honesty, beforthright is really a great platform and to see that in this current period is rare. Hence, thanks for suggesting this. Anything that will help in adding a few more bucks is always welcomed. Thank you so much for sharing here. I really fancy this here. Thumbs up to you for sharing up here

    2. hello, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. making money online comes in different forms and this is one of those ways. i am also a beneficiary of beforthright and i believe they can still improve on their system

    3. Surveys are a good way of making legit money online and so many people have been engaged in it with good testimonies, it all depends on the product you’re working for. Beforthright is good as you’ve said, it is very true that most online businesses can’t make you a ton of money at a time, it requires dedication and time, also about referrals, for those that can take the stress it is good. Thanks for this review.

    4. This seem to be the best survey site I have come across so far for its payment system and its genuine nature. Generally, the survey has been one of the most untrusted means if making money I have been involved in and getting to see that Beforthright can give you the money and even get paid instantly is very fair. I would give it a try as a means of side income. Best regards.

    5. Hello. It’s the first time I am hearing of this survey site. I have actually tried a couple of others in the past and they also did pay and some didn’t pay as well too but the good thing always is to know about the platform before joining. It’s a nice thing that you use it too. I think this will be good for me to try out to make some extra cash. Beforthright sounds great, thank you.

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