Paid Market Research Companies

List Of Market Research Companies That Pay

You’re on this page because you want to find market research companies that pay. Well, below is a list of companies you might be interested in checking out. Make sure to visit this page from time to time, as I plan to add to it.

1-5 Market Research Companies That Pay

1. Baltimore Research- You can earn cash for participating in market research, all by just sharing your opinions. Also, Baltimore Research allows panelists to sometimes test and/or see brand new products before they end up on the market.

2. IC International Corp.- This company’s focus group facility is located just east of Queens NYC; It’s in Hicksville, Oyster Bay to be more specific. Registering to participate in their focus group is fast, free and easy to do.

3. User Interviews- This company gives you the opportunity to share your opinions and get cash for doing it. If you qualify, then you can provide feedback on products. In turn, you’ll receive payment for your efforts.

4. Probe Market Research- According to this paid market research company, you can get paid for giving your opinions on all sorts of stuff. This includes new television commercials, beauty products and more. Probe Market Research claims focus groups typically pay anywhere from $50 and $400.

5. Lucas Market Research- Here’s another market research company you might want to consider joining. There’s a lengthy questionnaire about health conditions on here, so be prepared for that.

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