Should You Give Hiving A Try

Survey sites have long been a popular way for people to make a little extra money. One site you might not be familiar with is Hiving. Before you decide to give it a try, make sure you read this. I’ll go over the basics and let you know whether or not you should give it a go.

Hiving: What Is It

It is survey panel. You join Hiving, and then you’ll be able to give your opinions in surveys that they offer. You earn points, and eventually you can exchange these points for real cash.

When you’ve completed the signup process, then Hiving will send you out surveys or invitations to surveys. Generally speaking, it can take around 15 minutes to complete each survey.

Signing Up For Hiving

At the time of this writing, there are two ways you can signup for an account with Hiving. You can use your Facebook account to join or you can create an account.

There’s a registration form you’ll have to fill out too. This is how Hiving matches you to consumer panels/surveys. You provide basic info via the registration form, but you can enrich your profile to include more info about yourself.

How Much Money Can You Earn

You have to take surveys and accumulate points, a lot of points. You have to rack up at least 4,000 before you can cash out your earnings. At the time of this writing, you can exchange 4,000 points for four dollars.

The truth is you won’t make a ton of money taking surveys. Even if you find a website other than Hiving that pays a lot for surveys, the chances are it won’t result in consistent and sustainable income.

Social Media

Hiving has a social media presence, but not an active one. They have a Twitter profile and a Facebook page, but it’s been years (at the time of this writing) since Hiving has posted anything. This isn’t necessarily a bad sign, as there could be a number of reasons why they don’t post regularly.

Hiving Reviews

Unfortunately, there is quite a few reviews out there that center around payments. Some of these reviews can be found via Trust Pilot and Facebook; Both links can be found here:

Trust Pilot

The truth is it doesn’t matter how good any website like Hiving is, there’s bound to be negative reviews. This pretty much goes for any business in any industry. The red flag is when there are a ton of reviews that are kind of saying the same thing on the same topic, such as payment problems.

Is It Worth Giving Hiving A Try

Hiving is free to join, like many other consumer panel/survey websites. You don’t have much to lose except time and effort, which are extremely valuable. If you give Hiving a try, then try it for a few weeks to get an idea if it’s worth it. You don’t want to waste your time and effort on something that doesn’t pay enough to make it worth your while.

There’s plenty of alternatives out there. One of the better ones is BeForthRight.


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