Should You Write For Content Mills: The Pros & The Cons Of Doing So

Are content mills worth writing for? Let’s go over what they are, and then quickly cover the pros and cons of doing so.

What Are They

Content mills are content writing websites that connect clients to article writers. They are websites that have writers that create content for people who have requested articles. If a website specializes in mainly providing article writing services to their customers, then it could probably be classed as a content mill.

The Pros

Fast Cash

Depending on the site/sites you decide to write for, you can make fast cash. There’s plenty of content mills that have a fast signup and approval process, and that pay weekly.

The Work

The work available on content writing sites vary. If you enjoy writing and/or learning about different topics, then you’ll probably like writing for content writing sites.

The Cons

Writers Can Be Blocked

Obviously, the ability to block writers is great for customers, but not so good for writers. Nobody wants to be on a roll with writing, having access to a bunch of articles and then from out of nowhere become blocked by multiple clients. Some will argue that if you deliver high quality articles on a regular basis, then being blocked from accessing articles on content mills shouldn’t be an issue, but there are lots of reasons why writers could end up getting blocked on content mill sites.


Content mill sites tend to attract many writers to them. When a bunch of writers are on the same site, then it creates competition. Once again, this is great for clients, but means less overall work for writers. Sure, there might be a few content mill sites that limit the number of writers that they use, but a lot of them have enough writers to make things quite competitive.

Low Pay And/Or Too High Of Expectations From Clients

Low pay is the norm among many content mills. If you can churn out a lot of articles, and they get approved, then you could do pretty well.

Then there are content mill sites that seem to pay high, but the expectations from clients can be too high. They may be willing (just an example) to pay $10 for an article, but expect hours of research to be done and the end result to be of scholarly quality. So, that $10 might seem decent to some writers, but it’s really (in my opinion) not if you have to spend a ton of time researching and writing it.

Revolving Door

Some content writing sites are revolving doors for writers, especially the ones that allow clients to block writers. The way a revolving door happens is:

. Writers become blocked

. Content mill needs fresh voices to keep clients happy

. Site brings aboard new writers

. Existing writers who’ve been blocked now have access to less work

. And the cycle starts again

Not all content mill writing sites are revolving doors for writers, and the above is just an example of how some of them appear to operate.

Are Using Content Mill Writing Websites Worth It

Yes, if you are looking for quick cash. If you’re a decent writer, you could make some fast cash. However, most of the time writing for content mills is not sustainable or reliable sources of consistent income. You could have access to a ton of articles one week, and the following week you could struggle to find a handful to write.

Writing for content writing sites is not a source of passive income. Making money writing articles for these sites can be easy and fast, but it’s not passive. I have yet to come across a content mill that offers writers the chance to earn passive income.

You don’t own the mills you are writing on. Writing for content mills is not running your own business, and if one of the sites you write for goes belly up, then there’s nothing you can do. On that note, any content writing site can go bust at any given time or close shop for any reason whatsoever.

To sum up the above, the majority of content mills are:

. Not sustainable

. Not passive

. Not your own business

. And can go under or boot you from the site

If you’re goal is to make fast cash, then yes writing for content mill writing sites might be worth it. If your goal is to have a real business that gives you much more control over things, then writing for mills probably isn’t for you.


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