Should You Write For Medium: Read This Before You Decide

Are you wondering if you should write for Medium? If so, make sure you read this post. It’ll cover what Medium is and reasons to write for them and reasons not to write for them.

What Is Medium

Before giving you reasons why you should write for Medium and why you shouldn’t write for them, let’s quickly go over what Medium actually is. Long story short, Medium is a blogging platform. You can signup to be a writer and then publish articles, with the chance to earn some money if you join their Medium Partner Program.

The site is actually one of the most popular sites in the world. At the time of this writing, Medium’s Alexa ranking is 113 (global). Now, let’s discuss reasons you should write for Medium, followed by why you shouldn’t write for Medium.

Reasons You Should Write For Medium

Right off the bat, I want to say there are more reasons to write for Medium than there are reasons why you shouldn’t.

First, you might be able to make money with Medium via their Medium Partner Program. The more articles you write, and more importantly the more articles that gain traction and generate a ton of traffic, the more money you’ll with with Medium.

Second, at the time of this writing the platform lets you put affiliate links in your articles. As long as you follow Medium’s guidelines, you can place affiliate links and get paid when people view your articles and then makes a purchase via your affiliate link. This means you can earn even more money with Medium, and I actually think the potential to make a lot of money via this method is much better than the Partner Program.

Third, your articles have the potential to keep generating revenue. You could publish an article today, and publish a bunch of articles over the next few months. From out of nowhere, the article you posted “today” could gain traction and generate a fair amount of revenue for you.

Finally, you can promote yourself. If you want exposure for yourself, your writing, business, products, services and what not, then it won’t hurt to publish articles on Medium. In fact, if you run a business, then you can leverage Medium to make money.

Reasons You Should Not Write For Medium

There is only one main reason, in my opinion, why you should not write for Medium. And that is it is tough to make a full-time consistent income via Medium’s Partner Program. It’s possible you could do it, but the chances are slim.

However, making a little bit of cash (like around $50-$100 per monthly) is probably much more doable and achievable.

Bottom line: You could publish a ton of articles and only end up with a few hundred dollars in the long run, or end up making a few dollars per month. Nonetheless, every little bit helps.

Final Thoughts

Should you write for Medium? I say give it a go if you want to promote yourself, products, services, social media and what not. If you’re hoping to make money with Medium, more specifically bank a full-time consistent income, then I would kind of discourage it. It’s definitely possible, but the amount of work and consistency required is a lot; And even then you might not make much.

I recommend launching your own writing career (get your own clients) or starting your own online business if you’re hoping to make lasting income. Yes, the work involved is a lot and you do have to be consistent, but at least you’ll be working on your own stuff.

Anyways, it won’t hurt to write for Medium. Give it a try, be consistent with publishing articles to it and give it a good solid few months to see whether or not you make money with Medium, or if it’s worth it in general. Good luck whatever you decide to do.


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