TechLancer: A Look At This UK Freelancer Website

Techlancer is a website you may or may not have heard of. If you want to learn more about this platform, then continue to read on.

What Is Techlancer

In short, it’s a freelance platform that connects people looking for freelancers to perform work. Techlancer is a relatively new website that is similar to other freelancing sites like Upwork, PeopleHour and Guru to name a few. The freelancers on Techlancer are UK-based. If a website owner or business owner was in need of a freelancer in the United Kingdom, then they could use the website to find people offering the services they need.

On their website, they described themselves as being created by freelancers for freelancers. As a freelancer, you can offer a range of services, just as you could via the other sites previously mentioned.

Types Of Services You Can Offer

As of right now, the services you can offer fall within eight categories. Those eight services include:


. Writing/translation

. Social media

. Design

. Development/IT

. Sales/Marketing

. Video, photo & audio

. Business support

As you can imagine, you can offer an array of services within the above categories. For example, in the video/photo/audio category, you can offer to do voice over work or create a specific type of video, photo editing etc. . .

Jobs Currently Posted On Techlancer

To give you an idea of what you can provide on Techlancer, let’s take a look at some of the current jobs posted on the site. Some of the jobs people are willing to do include professional voice over, character design for animation & games, an SEO start package, and an SEO audit. These are only a few of the many posts on Techlancer.

On that note, a lot of the services being offered are geared towards UK businesses and websites. If you want to offer freelance services to UK-based sites and businesses, then joining Techlancer might be for you.

Benefits Of Using Techlancer 

Although there are many potential benefits of using sites like Techlancer, but I’ll go over what I think are the three main ones. First, you can set your own rates for your services. Second, sometimes it’s good to get onto something that is brand new; With Techlancer being relatively new, you have a solid chance to get noticed by their users. There are some freelancing platforms where you’re competing with thousands and thousands of other freelancers, but Techlancer is new, so you don’t have that kind if level of competition. . . Yet.

Third, you could end up making good money. Currently, there are freelancers on Techlancer charging £100 or more for their services. You can charge around that much, or less if you wish. Regardless of what you charge, you might make some decent money.

Those are only a few of the many potential benefits of using Techlancer as a UK freelancer.

Techlancer On Facebook

For those who are interested, Techlancer does have a Facebook page. It appears that they created the page around the beginning the February (2019). As of this posting, the last few things they have posted is content related to services being offered by freelancers via their platform.

If you want to join Techlancer as a freelancer, then check out their website. Take a look around at it and then you can decide if you should give it a try. Good luck if you join Techlancer.

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  1. Thanks for investigating Techlancer. I am always looking for new ways to make money online, from my home. This service seems a lot like fiverr, another way I supplement my income.

    Have you personally used them as a customer?  I would be interested in hiring some people to help my build out my Amazon associates UK sites, as I have found that there is a profitable niche business that is a lot different than where I am located, in the USA.  I have to build the links out with different codes than I do on my US affiliate sites.

  2. Thank you for the review. I have been looking to be a freelancer for quite some time vbut as you mention on your post when loooking for work in Upwork for example I am competing with thousands of people and it seems really hard to be picked if you have no history. I will definately check it out. Do you know how do they pay for the work? Do they chanrge big commissions? And are they open to people that are not from the UK? thank you so much for the tip

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