The Content Authority: Get Paid To Write Content

There really is no shortage of content writing services, and one of the services that have been around for a while is The Content Authority. If you’re looking to get paid to write content, then it may be worth looking into The Content Authority, or TCA for short.

The Content Authority: What Is It, How Does It Work & Getting Paid

As previously mentioned, The Content Authority (TCA) is an article writing service. Clients use TCA to order articles, which are written by writers on TCA. They place an order, you write the order, submit it and wait to see if it’s approved or if a revision is requested.

The way it works is pretty much like most other article writing services. You sign up as a writer and wait for approval. Once approved, you can start getting paid to write content. You choose articles from the open-order pool, write them, submit them and wait for it to be approved. Once it has been approved, you’ll receive credit for it.

What you’ll earn per article written depends on factors such as word count and the level writer the customer wanted to write the article. I’ll go more into making money with The Content Authority a bit later on.

As for when you get paid, Monday is payday. If you’ve earned at least $25, you’ll be paid. TCA pays via PayPal.

Writing For TCA: The Good

Although there are many things I like about TCA, there are four that standout the most. They are:

1. Timely Payments- The Content Authority pays on time. I’ve written for them for years and I don’t recall ever having an issue with being paid. Maybe on one or two occasions there was a brief delay, but nothing serious or anything that would have discouraged me from continuing to write for them.

2. Decent Amount Of Work- From my personal experience, there is plenty of work available on TCA. This is why it’s one of the best places to write content for money. Yes, there are periods when work isn’t available, but more often than not, work is available.

3. Easy Topics To Write- Like many other writing services, there are various topics that popup that you can write about. Generally speaking, the topics and requests on TCA are not that difficult to write about.

4. Make Decent Money- In my opinion, there is decent money to be made on TCA, at least part-time money. I doubt you’ll earn thousands from writing for TCA, but it is possible to earn around $400-$600 easily. If you’re a good writer, can write fast and if the work is available, then you could probably make a bit more than that.

Writing For TCA: The Not So Good

I actually can’t think of anything negative to say about writing content for TCA. If I had no choice but to say something remotely negative, it would be:

1. Minimum Payout- All article writing services typically have a minimum payout threshold. If you don’t meet that threshold during the payout period, it usually carries over. This isn’t something bad or out of the ordinary. FYI, TCA’s minimum payout threshold is $25 and writers are paid on Mondays.

2. Not Always Looking- TCA isn’t always looking for new writers. Once again, this is typical for pretty much any article writing service.

Do I Recommend The Content Authority For Writers

I absolutely recommend writing content for TCA. I believe they are among the top places to write for because the work is consistent, the pay is decent and there aren’t any stringent requirements or anything like that. Sure, customers can request a revision, but you can dispute it. The editor then takes a look at everything and they decide what the next step is.

Do you want to get paid to write content? Are you a beginner or novice? If so, then give TCA a try. If you consider yourself an expert writer, then you too should consider writing for them. As previously noted, new writers aren’t always being brought aboard. Nevertheless, keep an eye out on openings and then apply when they are looking for writers.


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