The Content Panel: Is It A Good Site That Pays Writers

Are you looking to make money writing? Maybe you’ve heard of The Content Panel and now wondering whether or not it’s a legit site that pays writers? Well, read on and those questions will be answered.

About The Content Panel

The Content Panel is a place where people can buy articles, blog posts and website content. In your case (assuming you want to make money writing), The Content Panel is a website where you can make money writing those articles, blog posts and website content. Some people would class the company as a content mill.

What The Content Panel Looks For In A Writer

You have to have excellent grammar skills, as well as being able to meet deadlines. You also need knowledge of both search engine optimization and content marketing. A PayPal account is required because this is how The Content Panel pays its writers.

In order to be eligible to write for The Content Panel, you have to be over the age of 18 and a native English speaker. Excellent research skills is a must too. All of this and the above stuff is what similar sites typically look for in prospective writers.

Accessing Articles

One of the key differences between The Content Panel and other websites that pay writers is that they claim to use AI algorithms to match their customers with writers. Many article writing websites have a general pool of articles that writers can choose from, and/or a way for clients to request a specific writer to write their article.

Article Deadlines

Deadlines vary, but according to The Content Panel the majority of articles have a 72 hour deadline.


On average, writers get paid anywhere from around $2.00 per 100 words to around $8.00 per 100 words. Also, when the demand for writers are high, The Content Panel increases the payout to writers (by up to 50%). This extra amount kicks in when surge pricing is in place.

Getting Paid

As previously mentioned, PayPal is how The Content Panel pays their writers. At the time of this writing, writers are paid on Mondays. There’s no minimum thresholds to meet. It doesn’t matter if you make $18 or $180 in a specific week, you will be paid the amount you earned on Monday.

Writer Feedback & Ratings

When customers accept your article, they can give you feedback and a star rating, with five stars being the highest. The majority of content mills have a feedback/star rating system in place or some variety of it. So, this isn’t something you should be surprised by.

1. The Upsides

The main upsides to The Content Panel include:

. Surge Pricing- You have the opportunity to earn a little bit more money when surge pricing kicks in. If the demand for writers hit a certain point, then surge pricing might kick into effect.

. No Payout Threshold- You get paid on Monday, for articles that have been accepted the previous week. There is no threshold to hit. Many other websites that pay writers have minimum thresholds their writers need to hit before they are paid. This is not the case at all with The Content Panel.

. Lengthy Deadlines- You don’t have to worry about meeting tight deadlines.

2. The Downsides

The main downsides to The Content Panel are:

. Unlimited Change Requests- Customers can request unlimited changes to articles that they are not pleased with. Eventually, The Content Panel may decide to give the article request to another writer. This means you will not be paid for the work you’ve done.

. Rejection- Not only can customers request unlimited changes, but they can outright reject an article.

. AI Matching- The Content Panel claims they use AI matching. This might be a good thing for clients, but it can be a double-edged sword for writers. If artificial intelligence is really used to match clients with writers, then writers could very well receive steady work. On the other hand, writers won’t ever know how many articles are actually in the “general writers/article pool” because there is no general writing pool, if that makes sense.

. Feedback Is A Ranking Factor- This can be a downside if a client/clients are unreasonably picky or just unreasonable in general. If a writer gets bad feedback from a client that just gives anyone and everyone negative feedback, then this could possibly affect you. On the other hand, if you get many clients providing you with good feedback and giving you decent star ratings, then you could end up being looked at favorably by the AI ranking system.

Final Verdict: Is The Content Panel Worth Writing For

The Content Panel is a legit website that pays writers. If you want to make money writing and don’t mind the typical headaches associated with content mills or writing agencies, then go ahead and give them a try. Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket, otherwise you could lose your source of income (be it your part-time/side hustle gig or if you rely on it for your main income).


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