Viral Dollars: Scam Or Legit

Viral Dollars is a pretty new site, but is it a scam? Should you join? Read on to find out more about the site before you decide whether or not to signup for an account with Viral Dollars.

What Is Viral Dollars

Viral Dollars touts themselves as an influencer network, but in my opinion they are not really. Seeing that you get paid to do things like share your referral link (get other people to join Viral Dollars), take surveys, create a YouTube video talking about the site and things like that.

To me, that isn’t an influencer network. Once again, that’s just my opinion.

How Does Viral Dollars Work

The way it works is simple, on paper. You join by creating an account with Viral Dollars, do tasks and then wait to get paid. As I said, in theory and on paper this seems straightforward, but I have a few concerns, which will be addressed throughout the rest of the article.

Viral Dollars: The Good & The Bad

1. The Good- As of now, I find it difficult to say anything good about Viral Dollars. They tout good earnings and it’s easy to signup for an account. But, touting good earning potentials for members and actually paying them the amounts they are touting are two different things.

2. The Bad- In my opinion, Viral Dollars are making extremely inflated claims. They have an earnings calculator you can use to determine what you could potentially earn and those numbers seem (once again, my opinion) are exaggerated. Not only that, but right there on the front page, they mention how you can earn $500 today. Again, seems a bit exaggerated.

Another con is the questionable testimonials. I’ll get into that a bit later, but trust me when I say that the testimonials on their page seem questionable.

Besides that, it’s hard to find positive reviews that are legit. On that note, be wary of people writing good reviews about Viral Dollars and sharing their referral link, but not telling you it’s actually a referral link. They should tell you that they are referring you to Viral Dollars. Even if they do, still do your research and think long and hard before signing up for an account with them.

To sum up the above cons:

. Inflated claims

. Questionable testimonials

. Hard to find positive (legit) reviews

Video Testimonials: Quite Questionable If You Ask Me

I sent an email out, and I asked Viral Dollars about their video testimonials. At the time of this writing, Viral Dollars has two testimonial videos on their page. The issue I take with this is that the two are people in the videos are paid actors. It’d be one thing if Viral Dollars mentioned how they paid for testimonials or that they paid people to try out their site in return for their honest opinion, but it appears that they didn’t.

In fact, I actually sent them an email asking them about the videos. It’s been days now and they have not replied to me.

I wasn’t actually expecting any kind of reply from Viral Dollars, but if they do reply to my email, then I’ll update this article. However, I still don’t think they’ll send me anything back. If by chance they do, it’ll be interested to hear what they say about the testimonial videos they currently have up.

Should You Join

I don’t really recommend joining Viral Dollars. If you’re comfortably signing up for an account with them and don’t mind giving them a go at your own imperil, then go right ahead, but as of now I strongly advise against joining them. If my mind ever changes, then I’ll make sure to update this article.

Final Verdict: Is Viral Dollars A Scam

So, is it a scam? I’m not going to label Viral Dollars as a scam yet because they seem like they are relatively new. Once again, I’ll update this article if my mind changes about them.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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  1. Hi

    With so many online sites offering so many similar programmes that it becomes difficult to separate the sheep from the goats. As it is  such a young and fledgling company that in the future it may be proven viable or not, but time will tell in the near future. I always appreciate when people go out of the way to explain if these money making schemes are genuine or not.

    Thank you


  2. Anyone who claims that you can earn money from the first day is a big red flag. If it was so easy and fast everyone would do it. There are some basic points that you have to look for when checking similar programs. If they promise anything fast it’s a fake, if the promise a lot of earning with little work it’s a fake. After seeing so many scams I would say it’s becoming more and more common what these fake programs have in common.

  3. Viral Dollars is 100% a scam whatever you do do not join it. You will never be paid. This company was called Viral Pay at the beginning of April when I joined to check it out. I amassed over $840 in commissions by referring others and completing 4 tasks. The company then changed its name to Viral Dollars and I was never paid a cent. 

  4. Ilaisaane Tuakalau

    You are definitely right and I agree with your opinion that Viral dollars is definitely, not an influencer network. I have had a look at their site and can say that your review is fair, seeing that they have only just started, however, in my opinion the exaggerations and high touting are all red flags to me and I think I will avoid this program.

    I do like, that you have given helpful information, so that people make can make intelligent decisions, for themselves, on whether a program is legit or not. In my ten years of dealing with scams, and in all fairness to Viral Dollars, I have experienced worse.

    It would be great to have any updates, should you join them, later in the future. Sometimes, a new company/program can develop into something better, but only time will tell.

    All the best.

  5. I always appreciate when people go out of the way to explain if these money making schemes are genuine or not.  After seeing so many scams I would say it’s becoming more and more common what these fake programs have in common.After seeing so many scams I would say it’s becoming more and more common what these fake programs have in common.

  6. Are they asking for an amount of money like a membership fee or an upgrade fee? If yes, add to that the inflated income claims, and you have a formula of deception. Yes, a formula for deception! 

    Any program online that deceive people must be stopped. So far, based on your review, it is too early to make a conclusion that this program is a scam. Let’s wait first for people to come out and make complains they were ripped off.

  7. Awesome review. ‘Vital Dollars’, name is extremely catchy, it will surely attract people to try it out. I also felt the same, but choose to read it’s details before trying it out. And, I get all the information, I needed from your post. 

    Your analysis is well detailed and unbiased. I agree that it is too early to call it a scam. I’ll be looking for more updates on this service in your website, before giving it a try. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review. 

  8. Website is informative. After reading your post I personally would not join “Viral Dollars”.  Is it like Amazon Turk where you do tasks and get paid?  I do like how you do appreciate how you are waiting to label them a scam since they are a new business. That statement lead me to value and trust your opinion. 

  9. Thank you for your straightforward description of Viral Dollars. I agree that a new program like this is not trustworthy until they have been in business for a while,and can show legitimate proof of potential earnings for those that join. However, I did not see what is the cost for joining Viral Dollars. If it is free, I do not see how they would make money except as affiliates of another program or an upsale after you join.Please clarify this point. However, I agree that performing the tasks you list are not likely to generate sufficient income, so I will not consider joining Viral Dollars at this time.

  10. Thank you for warning people about the suspicious nature of Viral Dollars. I did a simple Google search for ViralDollars all if find is the login page and a few fake reviews promoting affiliate links. When I key ViralDollarsdotco into my browser I am forwarded to a website named ReferalPaydotco,  all very suspicious. I would venture to say that any website that says and I quote “Make $500 today!” is making false claims and the program that they offer should be avoided.

  11. Thank you Nathan.   It is great to see someone looking out for people who are less savvy trying to make money online.  Do you really think of Viral Dollars as a scam?  I did not take the time to research the best profiles for network influencers but I did visit one of the Viral Dollar sites.

    I think they are a referral source and some of the referrals seem to be legitimate, for example Max Bounty.  While it appears that they do not guarantee making $500 per day, and although maybe I don’t yet have the know how to do so I think they make pretty good suggestions, if you are willing to do the due diligence.

    Maybe they are in fact making inflated claims, but let’s give them a chance, everyone is unknown until they become a household name.  Good luck and best wishes to all of us.

  12. Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for bringing awareness to another questionable program – Viral Dollars.

    It seems they have changed their name to Referral Pay and the modus operandi is the same. They claimed they had paid out $68 million to 225,000 members. All these evidence/red flags is a sign of a scam.

    Personally, l think they have hidden motives to use your email, as well as your referral emails for illegal purposes.

    So, be careful and always conduct your due diligence before giving out your email to suspicious programs.

    Best wishes.

    1. Wow, I just went and checked it out. . . And yup, the changed their name alright and they removed the two video testimonials they were using. That is shady and suspicious! Good eye Zayn.

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