Where To Sell Your Coins In The UK

Are you looking to sell coins within the United Kingdom? If you want to know where to sell coins, UK residents like yourself can check out the below info. I’ve put together a list of where you can sell coins throughout a few major regions of the country. This includes Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, London, Glasgow and Belfast.

Where To Sell Coins In Manchester

Below are a few places I’ve come across that say they buy coins in Manchester. I’m not sure if all of them are located in Manchester, but it looks like they still buy coins from those in the area. That being said, a few places to sell coins in Manchester UK include:

1. Cheshire Gold Xchange

One of the best places to sell gold coins in Manchester is Cheshire Gold Xchange. The company has been around for over a decade, and they are a family run business. As a trusted leader in the local community, you can count on getting a great deal on your gold coins.

It’s worth pointing out that Cheshire Gold Xchange buys more than just gold coins. You can sell:

. Gold and silver jewelry
. Gold bullion bars
. Rolexes
. And much more

If you need cash and/or have unwanted gold or silver, then contact Cheshire Gold Xchange. Hands down they are one of the best places in Warrington to sell your gold/silver.

2. Manchester Bullion & Coins Co.

They buy all kinds of silver and gold coins. According to their site, this includes Royal Mint Silver Coins, Silver Bars, Eagles and more.

3. Colin Cooke Coins

Colin Cooke Coins is in South Manchester and they have extensive experience when it comes to the numismatic market. In fact, they have over 30 years of experience.

4. Cheshire Coins

Another great place to sell your coins to is Cheshire Coins. The site states they purchase all types of coins, so it might be worth checking them out.

Where Do You Sell Coins In Birmingham Area

There’s quote a few places where you can sell your coins in Birmingham or the nearby area. A few include:

1. The Gold Bullion Company

The Gold Bullion Company buys gold and silver coins.They seem quite good at what they do and they have many rave reviews written about them. The company is located right in Birmingham

2. Birmingham Gold & Silver Companies

Birmingham Gold & Silver Companies is in Birmingham and they are opened for business Monday thru Friday. They trade in gold, precious metals and coins. If you’re looking to sell coins within the UK and you’re in the Birmingham area, then consider selling to Birmingham Gold & Silver Companies.

3. Atkinsons The Jeweller

Atkinsons The Jeweller is in Coldfield and they buy/sell gold and silver coins. On Google, they have over a few dozen reviews, all of which are positive in nature.

Where Do You Sell Coins In Liverpool Area

I’ve came across several places in the Liverpool area. If you wish to sell your coins in or around the Liverpool area, then consider contacting one of these places:

1. Eurochange

They are a foreign exchange where customers can buy and sell travel money. But, they do mention they buy/sell various gold products, and this includes coins. If you have gold coins, then consider popping into Eurochange.

 2. I Buy Your Gold

“I Buy Your Gold” currently doesn’t have a website, so I’m not sure exactly what kind of coins they buy. The company is located in Liverpool and their address is Mpac Building, 1-27 Bridport St, Liverpool L3 5QD.

3. Merseyside Collectors Centre

Another place to sell coins in the Liverpool UK area is Merseyside Collectors Centre, which is located just outside of the city. According to their website, they trade an array of coins that come from all around the world.

Where Do You Sell Coins In London

The capital city is home to many places where you can sell coins. A few include:

1. A.H Baldwin & Sons 

Located in London, A.H Baldwin & Sons are experts in coins. If you have old coins you don’t want anymore or you need extra cash, then contact A.H. Baldwin & Sons to find out how much you can get for your coins.

2. Coincraft

Coincraft is a family-owned and run business that has been around for over 60 years. They’re open for business Monday thru Fridays, and closed on the weekends. Feel free to visit their website or pop into their London location if you have coins you want to sell.

3. Imperial Coins

Imperial Coins is located in London. If you visit their site, you’ll notice they sell various types of coins. This includes British gold and silver coins. Check them out if you have any of the coins they sell, and see if they’ll buy them off of you.

Selling Coins Around Glasgow

In Glasgow or the surrounding areas, you have numerous of options when it comes to selling your coins. The below places all seem like great places to sell to. Remember, it’s a good idea to contact several coin dealers in Glasgow and compare each of their offers. In general, it’s a good idea to do this anyways. That being said, a few dealers that buy and sell coins in Glasgow include:

. Scottish Bullion Glasgow
. AD Hamilton & Co.

. Thomas Greaves Coins & Collectables

How About Belfast

Are you in Belfast or the surrounding area? Have coins you’d like to sell? If so, then check out these places that might be interested in buying your coins:

. Ballinderry Antiques

. Oakland Antiques

That is where to sell coins throughout different regions of the UK. If you don’t reside near any of those places, then don’t worry. The chances are you can still find websites online that will be interested in buying your coins. Good luck if you attempt to sell your coins.


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