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Are you a writer or a writer hopeful looking to make money writing for Ineedarticles? Maybe you’ve heard of the site and looking for a real review written by a real person who has wrote for the platform? Regardless the reason, if you wish, then feel free to check out my review below:

My Experience With Ineedarticles.com

First and foremost, I have firsthand experience writing articles for Ineedarticles.com, or INA for short. I actually have over 3 years of writing experience with INA. These days I don’t do much freelance writing because I run an online business and that keeps me extremely busy.

The point of me mentioning the above is to let you know I’ve actually written for INA. Also, this review may come off as bias because personally I have had a great experience with them. This doesn’t mean other writers had a similar or have similar experiences.

What Is INA 

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, INA is a writing platform/article marketplace. If you want articles written up for whatever purpose (adverts, blog posts etc. . .), then you could join Ineedarticles.com and place orders. As a writer, you pickup articles in a queue and submit them after you finish. You have a set time to complete the articles and then you receive credit for it after they are submitted.

The Good

There’s actually a lot of good things I liked about Ineedarticles, as a writer. For starters, when I was consistently writing articles on INA, there was always work available. Sure, there was dry periods here and there, but in my opinion there was a consistent flow of work.

Another good thing about INA is the articles were easy enough to write. For most novice writers, a lot of the articles available to write on the site shouldn’t be too difficult to write.

Many writing sites allow writers to reject articles for anything, even if the instructions were followed to the T. Ineedarticles.com is different; They don’t just allow customers to reject articles for no reasons at all. Rejected articles are rare.

To sum up the above, some of the best things about writing for Ineedarticles.com are:

. Easy articles
. Lots of work (usually)
. Rejected articles are rare

The Bad

If I had to choose a few bad things to say about Ineedarticles.com, I would say that:

. Dry spells can occur
. Some may think they pay low rates
. No detailed instructions with some orders

Me personally, I had no problems writing bare basic articles in which customers wanted a basic SEO article about a keyword. Dry spells also happen at pretty much any writing website and a lot of people would think even the highest paid sites paid too low. As I said, if I had to pick a few (somewhat) negative things to say about Ineedarticles.com in this review, it would be the above three.

How Much Can You Make

As you probably guessed, I’m going to give a generic answer. How much you can make writing articles on Ineedarticles.com depends on several factors; Like how fast you can write, how many articles are available and what your writing skills are like. If you have decent writing skills, then there’s no reason why you couldn’t realistically earn $150-$200 per week (when the work is available) on Ineedarticles.

How Much Did I Earn? In case you’re wondering, I was average a few hundred per week with Ineedarticles.com. I like to think of myself as a decent writer, so if I used to make a good living writing, then anyone can.

How About Writer Support

I also want to mention in this Ineedarticles.com review that the support for the writers was/is impressive. The owners are very responsive and quick to help out their writers and they are always open for suggestions on how to improve the site for the writers. There are writing sites that say they are supportive of writers, but their actions say otherwise. This isn’t the case with Ineedarticles.

There’s a forum, too. If you join on as a writer and have questions or suggestions, then head over to the forum. Otherwise, you can send the owners an email.

Conclusion: 5 out of 5 Stars

From a writer’s perspective, I give Ineedarticles a 5 stars out of 5 stars, easily. It’s a good place for beginners to jump into writing, as well as skilled writers who can easily create basic articles. Good luck if you decide to apply as a writer over at Ineedarticles.

For those who are interested, here is the link to I Need Articles


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