Yup, You Can Sell Used Panties For Cash

Thanks to the internet, you can do it all; Even sell used panties. Yup, people can jump online and put up their used undies for sale. I’m not really shocked at this because it is the internet after all. Personally, I wouldn’t sell my used underwear, but there might be lots of people willing to do it. If you want to learn how to make money selling used panties, then continue to read on. 

Sell Used Panties: How To Do It

Honestly, it seems pretty straightforward. You find a website that connects buyers and sellers of used undies. Next, you join a site/sites and then put up your listing. When someone buys your used panties, you’ll make money. That is the gist of how it works, and different sites will have their own policies/terms & conditions, so make sure to read what they are before putting your listing on a site.

Who should do this? Anyone looking for a unique way to earn cash would probably be interested in selling their used panties. Why should you do this? There’s a few reasons why, but wanting to earn money is probably the main reason why people do this.

Where Can I Sell Used Panties

There’s several places you can sell used panties. Four of them include:

1. Secret Passions- This website takes 20% on all sales, and shipping is added to the bill of the customer. The site does mention that successful sellers have social media accounts set up. I take it they mean that sellers have profiles on social media that are solely or primarily used to promote their Secret Passions profile.

2. Snifffr- Feel free to give this site a try. It does appear that it caters to women sellers. Signing up for an account is free, but check out their FAQ section to find out if they take a cut from the sales.

3. My Used Panty Store- My Used Panty Store allows you to open up your own online shop, which you can sell used panties from. The site touts itself as being a safe way to sell undies and a way to sell them anonymously.

4. Panty- This is a UK site and you can register for free. It looks like women can join; Once they do, they can fill out their profile and start selling their worn panties.

The Pros

First, you can make some decent cash selling used panties. The amount of money you can make does depend on various factors, and luck does play a role too. Generally speaking, the income potential does seem decent.

Second pro is it is a unique and easy way to earn money. Selling used panties is straightforward because all it really entails is putting up your panties for sale over the internet and then sending them out to those who buy them.

Third pro is it is a tight/small niche. When it comes to selling products, sometimes it helps to zone in on a niche. Well, selling panties that are used is a specific niche; At least in my opinion. 

The Cons

First con is selling your used undies online is probably not sustainable or passive. Sooner or later, you might run out of buyers who lose interest in buying from you. They could very well choose to buy used panties from other people.

Second con is that men probably don’t have the same earning potential, at least in this niche. I could be completely wrong, but I’m betting that women make more money doing this than men make. 

Tips For Selling Used Panties/Underwear

I don’t have any expert advice on selling used panties and undies online, but there are a few things you should do. For starters, you should sell via several websites. If you have enough pairs of undies, then go right ahead and place them for sale on a few sites. This will increase your chances of making sales.

Also, check the fees associated with selling via the sites you are going to list your panties on. You don’t want to pay exorbitant fees. If you think a site charges too much, then don’t list your panties on it.

The third tip is commonsense, but do read the rules about selling panties on the site you’re about to use. You don’t want to list your undies, make a ton of sales, only to find out you accidentally ran afoul of the rules. This could mean you don’t get paid. Once again, always read the rules!

And that my friends is how to make money selling used panties. Like I said, doing this isn’t my cup of tea. But feel free to give it a go if you wish.


I started this website to help people make money online/offline via different ways. I aim to provide tips, advice and more with the hopes people will find something that will help them make cash online.

Who knows, maybe one of my articles will spark an idea!

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  1. Nathan, I am DYING over here! This is absolutely HILARIOUS to me! It just goes to show that where there is a will, there is a way. 

    Here I am, all worried that making money online is going to be a difficult undertaking for me, but there are literally people selling some stinky old panties online, and probably making a KILLING doing it!

    You’re very right, I’d say this is a highly specific niche of online marketing, and as such, is probably sustainable for the site owners. As you said though, SELLING your panties probably wouldn’t be a profitable long term solution for making money. Not unless you were a serious celebrity, anyway. (Not sure how long they’d STAY a celebrity once the media got ahold of that particular behavior…).

    Thanks for sharing man, believe it or not, this post about such an unusual online business really helped put into perspective how easy making money online actually CAN be. It has helped set my mind at ease that I, too, stand a chance out here.


  2. Along with the dirty sock market, I can’t believe this is actually a thing. I’ve seen the stories about social media stars who turn around and sell their panties for a few hundred bucks, but realistically I wonder how many people are really banking off used panty sales and how many others are rapidly reselling below value in hopes to make a business out of it… reselling thrift store finds? Lol. Ahh, nasty. Just nasty. Damnit, ladies!

  3. OMG! This is the most hilarious way of making money online that I’ve ever heard of 😂. Its so bizarre! Actually, while I was reading through, I was expecting a part where you would write that it was just a joke, but when I saw the website listing and I checked them out, I realised it was real. Though this is surely a means of getting paid but who would be willing to buy a used undies? Definitely, since this is made possible, everything and anything is possible to make use of as a niche. Selling used pants online? Wow! I’m thrilled.

  4. Wow! What a shocker! You really can do ANYTHING on the internet. This is a very interesting article here, something very new and I’m truly amazed.

    I’m going to peep the rules of the different sites, have you? I’m concerned,  and can’t imagine this even happening.

    I personally wouldn’t sell my undies but I guess if it is proven to work for some then that’s what it is.

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